Home, home on the range..

Reading time: 2 mins “And coming home it feels like I, designed these buildings I walked by” Having not been returned ‘home’ to Glasgow for a while I was quite surprised, as the train pulled into Glasgow Central this evening, to feel an overwhelming sense of comfortable familiarity. It must be the same as all the Londoners gazing at […]

Past Remarkables

Reading time: 2 mins I’m notoriously bad at this kind of thing, so whilst it’s in my head let me update you on a few things that I’ve mentioned in the past few weeks. 1. Selling my old phone on eBay. Thanks to you lot, I started the ‘dispute’ process and have since sold my phone to a ‘real’ […]

Freaky Friday

Reading time: 3 mins Having stumbled out of the house early so as to pick up a parcel waiting for me at the post office, I was a tad bleary eyed when I boarded the train. As ever I engrossed myself in the fabulous Metro (the internet; printed) and it took me sometime to notice that I was on […]

Shut up

Reading time: < 1 min I’m not a morning person. I thought everyone knew this? Well everyone except Little Miss Loudgob and her mates who get on at Newton and yak at high volume the whole way to Glasgow Central. OK, it’s only 20 minutes or so but… SHUT UP!! In other news – very busy. New author (re)joining us […]

Thank you, stroppy business-woman

Reading time: 2 mins Frustration is a terrible thing, particularly if coupled with self-importance. Take, for example, the stroppy business-suited blonde I encountered this morning. Let me set the scene: Monday morning trains are usually late/delayed/packed and arrive out of schedule, so it’s quite normal to arrive at the station and find a train has just rumbled underneath the […]