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Yesterday morning I cashed in a Christmas present and took the air in a hellychopper. It was quite noisy, but very smooth, and I have to admit the little boy in me loved every minute (whilst the adult in me fretted about carbon footprints and so on).

We weren’t in the air very long, a quick zip up and down the River Clyde from Inchinnan down to about Helensburgh and back, but we did pass my hometown on the way.

Dumbarton from the air

We didn’t go much above about 1500ft, but kicked it up to about 160mph. It was fun hearing, through the headsets, air traffic control at Glasgow Airport warn us that there was an incoming Boeing… summat or other, approaching and our pilot glibly respond with “sure thing, we’ll keep an eye for it”.

Enough about my day though, what did YOU do?


Some brief thoughts that sparked through my head after the “terror” attack on Glasgow Airport.

1. Glasgow, my home city. All of a sudden it’s close to home. Doubly so as I drive right past the runway every day on my way to work every day.

2. Glasgow, isn’t a capital city, why didn’t they hit Edinburgh?

3. If they HAD gotten the vehicle inside it would have been awful.. queues of people waiting to checkin would’ve been about 15 feet from the doorway the car hit.

4. Ummm the car was too wide for the doors?

5. Ummmm they only used one car, and were targetting one end of a long narrow building. Even if they HAD have gotten in… the building would probably still be usable…

6. Can we stop reporting that the terrorists are Asian? It’s wholly pointless really.

7. Who was the last white terrorist?

8. BBC News 24 is awful. The fact that “some ministers have been seen heading for No.10” is NOT news!

9. I seem to be de-sensitised to this already. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

So today I’ll watch the French Grand Prix, do a little work and try, again, to get my Wifi connection to play nicely with my Mac.

Just another Sunday really. Except it’s not, it’s now tainted with thoughts of car bombs and suspicion is creeping in… paranoia to follow?

Life News

Is it rude to phone an establishment you’ve emailed and ask them to check their email? What’s the point of having a website and an email address if you don’t check them and respond to potential customers?! Eh!!

A question. Whilst driving to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law today I was bullied out of the outside lane by a very intimidating procession which including 5 police motorbikes, one large black tinted windowed Merc with blue lights flashing behind the grill and two larger black tinted windowed Range Rovers, also flashing flights behind grills and the rear windscreen. Who was it that garnered such obvious protection? Anyone got any ideas? They pulled in to Glasgow Airport somewhere but I lost them.
UPDATE: Could it have been someone travelling to Davos for the World Economic Forum?

If you are walking past someone and you stand on their foot, do you notice? Or do you wait until the person says something? I reckon I’d notice (and have in the past) yet three times this morning, whilst sat on the train, people walked past me, stood on my foot and didn’t even look back or offer any kind of apology. Hell I’d be happy if they just acknowledge the fact. Sheesh!
Update: This morning it was a knee swiftly and deftly applied to my calf. I looked up, the person then sat down opposite me and… nothing! Not even a hint of recognition that he’d just given me a dead leg. So I stood up and kicked him in the balls. (OK, not really)

WordPress. I can’t delete posts because, apparently, I need “sending referrers turned on”. I’ve tried everything suggested but still get the same message. I think it’s also stopping me from commenting on a couple of sites. Driving me potty. Any suggestions?

An answer. The answer to the how many toilets will Wembley have question is 2, 618. Apologies in the delay for telling you (but I guess no-one was that bothered as no-one reminded me).

Public speaking isn’t something I’ve done much of but I’ve been asked to present a seminar at an event in Glasgow. It’s pretty small scale, I think, and I’ve never done anything like it but I’ve already said yes, you have to do really, don’t you. It’s to be based on Scottish Blogs, and the whole ‘community’ aspect of blogging. I’ve put out a few emails already for some advice, and rest assured that I’ll be looking for some help from you lot as well!

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At this very moment, barring unforeseen delays (I’m writing this a couple of days beforehand) we’ll be strapped in to our seats and accelerating down the runway at Glasgow Airport, bound for Malaga and away from the frosty mornings. Average temperature for the week is 18°C (65F in old money) although it’s to be overcast with showers for most of the time. Not that I’m complaining.

Tapas, San Miguel, Spanish Potato and Onion Tortillas, and walks along the beach. What’s not to like?

I’ll be back in a week or so, posting will continue sporadically and obviously I may not be picking up email.


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