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Inspired by Lisa and Rob, I’ve got a little quiz for you. It’s simple enough, 25 lyrics, guess the song and artist. I’ve used the “Party Shuffle” mode of iTunes to pull 25 random tracks from my library, so don’t blame me… entirely.. Ohh and it’s not always the first line of the song, some…

Sassafrassin Rassafrasser!

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This is driving me nuts. It may be an issue with my WordPress installation, or my CSS, an example of the problem can, currently, be seen two posts down. If I add a blockquote in WordPress, it adds [blockquote] around the area of text. All well and good. But if the quote has more than…


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annelizabeth, a small victory, Zeldman, what do I know, and this very site. Is the prevalent use of Georgia a backlash? Fed up designers moving away from k10k and tiny sans-serif fonts? Who knows, I do like it though… Ohh and an aside – you’d be amazed at how many people forget to set a…