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Another Monday morning. Must remember to get car insurance.

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Xmas tree is up. Gingerbread men are cooking in the oven, and I’m supposed to be working on finishing out an MRD and FS. It’s Saturday afternoon, it’s cold and wet, and I just want to snuggle up in a warm cosy place.

Been a mad, bad, hectic week. Lots of decisions and stress. Someone actually thought I was about to leave the company. Hmmmmm. Someone else said it was all part of the learning process – I very nearly punched that person (even though they were right, they just said it at the wrong time…)

World Aids Day yesterday, in my shame it crossed my mind early in the morning, and it wasn’t until today I realised that it had passed.

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Wonder Boys – good film.

Nothing spectacular, and gave me the same feel that American Beauty did (well not quite as much). Tobey Maguire was excellent, Michael Douglas was quietly superb, and for the small amount of time she had, Frances McDormand was her usual self, effective and supremely watchable. Robert Downey Jr. even managed to keep it together.

And yes I have thought about writing a book, but hasn’t everyone? Hell I’ve had a ‘story’ for ages… hmmm might be a project for me? But then I can’t even manage to get writing for this site… let alone for a book – how the hell would I find the will and the time to do that? Eh!?

Ohhh and if ANYONE from ITV2 is reading, or anyone who knows someone (or even anyone who knows someone who knows someone else) that works there – get the NBA back on – it’s been going for weeks, and I’ve still to see a game!! GET IT SORTED OUT!


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I should really check, but I’m too darn lazy… did Alec Guinness have 6 or 8 characters in Kind Hearts and Coronets?

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Just realised – that’s the first time I’ve used THAT word in this website, but no I’m not apologising, sometimes you need to say it!

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My first blog – mind you for such a great idea, you think they would have thought up a less frumpy name! Now I’ve just got to figure out how to work the damn thing!