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Merry Christmas

I hope you and yours have a wonderful day, a fabulous festive season and here’s to a great 2011 for us all!

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AKA Food Poisoning.

Is not fun.

I will spare you the details.

That is all.

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Random thoughts of a Sunday morning.

And yes, I’m sitting waiting to get through to buy my ticket for Glastonbury next year. No, the website won’t load, yes the phone line is constantly engaged.

You know you are bad at packing when you have several open ‘I’ll-just-take-them-in-the-car’ boxes.

Anyone else on WordPress seeing a lot more spam in their comments? Thank the lord for Akismet! By the way, does anyone pay for that? Is it like Xmarks, something you’d pay for but don’t?

Speaking of which, if you use Xmarks and want to, maybe, see if you paying for it would keep it going (it’s folding up), then go read this!

Sorting through boxes that have been unopened and in your loft for several years isn’t all that fun. The reality of what is happening is writ large in the memories we will always share.

I need to buy a new kettle. Must remember to write that down somewhere.

Music wise I seem stuck in a bit of a BBC Radio 6 place, all new bands, luscious sounds and the odd blast from the past. Where did all the rock music go?

Quite excited to go to Glastonbury next year though, never been and will need advice on what to take and what NOT to take. Also where the feck to sleep, in a tent? Off-site somewhere? And, of course, there will be endless rounds of “right, I’ll go and see them and then head there to see her, and then I’ll… ohh, wait no. I’ll go and see him, and then her, then I’ll go there to see… no… right. OK, this time… I’ll start here and…”

The cat likes boxes. Specifically, sleeping in them. Specifically, one that almost got taped shut as I presumed from the weight that it was as full as it could be.

You know how I have that other blog, well I wondered why I hadn’t had any comments on it and realised I’d turned them off. Only thing is, I turned them back on but they don’t work. I’ve decided this is for a reason and I’m leaving them off.

It gets really boring sitting watching a website NOT load, hitting F5 over and over and over and over…

Ohhh and applications that popup a dialog and steal focus, with OK set as the default button so, when I’m typing and glance down at the keyboard, the dialog pops up just as I hit the spacebar… in other words, I don’t even see anything except a brief blip on the screen then something starts up, or shuts down. Yeah. I DO NOT LIKE THOSE!

I have a lot patience threshold. 45 minutes sitting waiting and I’m at the “you know, if it’s this bad getting tickets, what is it going to be like at the fucking thing? It’ll probably rain anyway… shall I even bother?”. Then I think of the alternatives… T in the Park, and decide, yeah, I’ll hang in there a bit longer. Note to T in the Park, up your prices! (in the hope of weeding out the dickheads).

Hmmmm yes, yes I am a snob. This fact doesn’t really bother me.

It’s amazing what you can achieve in one room whilst waiting on a website to load. That’s my little office ready to be moved.

And yes, this is what Twitter is like. Except those big long sentences obviously.

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Tentatively he walks forward, through the rolling mist that envelopes him. Here and there sparks flash, pockets of light float past, a million different shades of sparkle and dark. Unsure of where he is going he continues to move forward, an outstretched hand reaching for something he can’t see, a presence he can’t touch.

She is beside him, quietly, patiently. She makes no sound and as soon as he turns she is gone, but never far.

The light shifts and blooms, bubbles and swirls form in the cloud, streaks of shimmering brilliance merge into the thick mire. It is eerily beautiful, completely still and constantly churning. The colour remains but everything else shifts in regular rhythm, smooth and soft. He is floating. Flying.

And he knows she is there. Beside him. Somewhere. Comfort. Safety. Peace. He doesn’t want to leave.

All too soon, even though he has no sense of time, harsh reality floods his view. Bold colours and noise, and his senses return slowly.

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There might be news tomorrow. Good news that is.

I am NOT counting any chickens though.

I am NOT crossing everything that can be crossed.

I am NOT praying to a deity I don’t believe in.

I am NOT going to follow the viewers round (on their ‘final look before deciding’) muttering “please, please, please, please, please, please, please”.



There might be news tomorrow.

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Finding it really hard to write these days. My other blog languishes from week to week, and I won’t even mention the other place as it’s bereft of passion, ideas and any form of desire to be creative.

I’m blaming that entirely on the fact that I’m pretty damn busy these days, but in a very good way.

For example, Saturday was spent wandering shops after appealing for ideas of what to get my Mum for her birthday (thanks to those on Twitter and Facebook who made suggestions, they are all duly noted for future reference as well).

Sunday was spent with said Mother, lunch with the family at Inverbeg, and then in the evening after some Tapas it was off to the Glasgow Film Theatre to watch Some Like It Hot. Brilliant!

Was a great experience, being in an old cinema with other movie fans who were there to WATCH and ENJOY the movie, who laughed along and applauded with genuine warmth at the end. A far remove from the multiplex cacklers, munchers and yakkers I’m used to.

I will be back at the Glasgow Film Theatre for sure (Stephen Fry is ‘live broadcast’ there soon, and I spotted Metropolis on the bill as well!).

Still no movement on the house sale, still stalled. But, aside from that, life is good and I’m just embracing all the fun and happiness I can. It’s a nice way to be.

Ahhh yes, it makes perfect sense now I’ve realised what is going to happen. There is nothing I can do to stop it, so, as I have before, I’ll just go with the flow whilst the madness unfurls around me.

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs…

We are waiting to hear if the people who viewed our house a couple of weeks ago are going to make an offer. They are waiting on an offer being made on their property and are expecting it this week.

Which, if we are lucky, will mean that by this time next week we will be agreeing moving dates and so on. All good.

That is until I realised that September is already a very busy month for me. I’m speaking at a conference in the middle of September, have several things going on at work that I can’t drop out of at this point, not to mention a few birthdays to remember (my parents both have birthdays in September). I may also be needing to find somewhere to live, pack the house into boxes, get a van and a man service to help us move, deal with the cancelling of accounts, paying off of debts and everything else that goes along with selling a house and splitting up.

Of course, it might not go that way. It might fall through. I’m trying my best not to get my hopes up.


I’m fairly optimistic. Particularly given previous experiences when life has conspired to bring several things together into a mad mental stramash. But I’ve gotten through those times OK, so I’m sure this will be just the same.

So, if it does all happen, it’s fair to say that September is gonna be just a LITTLE BIT MENTAL! You have been warned.