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Leaving Home by Garrison Keillor

It has been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon.
So starts each chapter of this wonderful collection of stories, and the essence of the collection is fully contained in that one simple sentence as it is an entire book of quiet happenings and everyday occurances.

The stories are all set in a quiet mid-western town named Lake Wobegon, the kind of no-name town that exists all over the world, an entity within itself where everybody knows everybody else AND their business. Like most small towns the beauty exists in relation the people have with the society they are part of and Garrison Keillor gently introduces characters and buildings with the same soft qualities.

Reading the stories feels familiar, with a million oft-played household dramas reproduced with a gentle humour that only helps to enamour you to the town, the people, and the lives they lead. If you are looking for a quiet read for a lazy day I heartily recommend it, as it was recommended to me.


Some bits and bobs from my life in the past week.

Got my cholesterol checked after my Dad’s heart attack, expecting it to be high (was 7.summat a couple of years), and was quite surprised to hear that it’s now 4.9 (and yes, I got them to double check they had the right set of records). Not sure how I managed that but decide it’s a blessing and had a large plate of butter-fried eggs to celebrate…


My sister-in-law now owns her house! After a lot of hassle, stemming from old debts run up by her ex-husband, and a lot of wonderful work by her bank (yes, that’s right, they were fantastic!) she now is the proudest owner of a mortgage I’ve ever seen. So happy for her I’m lost for words. Almost…


Glorious meal last night for our anniversary (thanks to all the well wishers). Went to a reliable favourite – The Grapevine – and it was as gorgeous as ever. Got home, opened a bottle of wine (one we’d been keeping for a “special occasion”), watched a movie (School of Rock – who says romance is dead!!), then retired to the bedroom…

*cut to bedroom door closing*


I’ve not written up many reviews recently as I’m a bit swamped to be honest, I’m currently consuming: Tara Blaise, Richard Thompson, Goldfrapp, Miss Kittin, and Garrison Keillor.


Da Vinci Code – Mona Lisa ~ Munch stolen.

And I’ve just had the following books delivered:
London Fields – Martin Amis ~ Murders in Twickenham (friends live there).
Leaving Home – Garrison Keillor ~ Laura flies out to Australia today.
Labyrinths – Jorge Luis Borges ~ Emmmm… not sure yet, but it must mean something…

Funny old world. Ain’t it.