Mice and men

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Best laid plans all spoiled by a text message received at 11.40pm and a phone that continually reminds you, all too cheerily for my liking, that HEY, YOU HAVE A MESSAGE….. HEY, YOU HAVEN’T PICKED UP YOUR MESSAGE YET…. HEY, WON’T IT BE FUN WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR MESSAGE! This cheery chirrup is repeated…

The Go! Team

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I’m definitely getting old as my ears are still lightly ringing after a fantastic gig last night. Met up with Sudhesh for a drink beforehand, and Alex joined us in the queue. As we entered the first support act was on, didn’t catch the name. One guy, some samples and beats… he was from Bristol…..


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Friday night, beer, dancing = groggy head, sore legs and FUN!. Mind you that might have been something to do with the ratio of males to females (not to mention the ‘attributes’ of the females themselves…). Also picked up some more tidbits of gossip, I would love to share them with you, but you never…