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I’ve used Picasa on my Windows machine for a few years now, it is my photo library and where I probably do most of my photo editing as well. I just love the way the application works as it ‘just works’.

So to hear that, finally, it is available for Macs certainly does warm my cockles.

(hang on, I’m not a cockney… there are no cockles here!)

The thing about Picasa, something I’ve only really considered since hearing this news, is that the way it’s been designed seems almost Apple-like, with small touches well designed and well thought out. Of all the applications I run on my Windows PC, Picasa is the most pleasurable to use, it is a powerful application that seems simple. Not something that can be said for every Windows based application.

When I got my MacBook I did consider making it the main computer in the house, moving all my media files and work files to an external drive and switching my personal computing habits over to the way Apple do things. I never did make that switch and one of the reasons was that, with 6 years of digital photos in the library, the prospect of having to use iPhoto to manage them filled me with dread.

I wonder now if I can finally make the switch.

Music wise I use iTunes, so that’s fine. Work wise most of my projects are web based so all I need is an FTP client and text editor, again the Mac is well equipped to handle those things (Coda for example). Beyond that I already know the Mac will handle everything else I need it to do.

So, for me, Picasa is the cherry on the icing. The finishing touch that should let me, finally, work the way I want to work, independently of any constraint enforced on me by the operating system and choice of applications. Yup, sounds like it is time to get that QNAP NAS drive I’ve been pondering.

For those interested:

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I’m losing my marbles.

It is entirely my own fault of course, due to the fact I’m a complete and utter tart. I sign up for the latest widget, doodah or thingymajig at the drop of a hat, and as I am, believe it or not, fairly security and safety conscious, I do try and use different passwords for them all.

Add in the number of websites that I maintain, with different logins for admin screens, blogging platforms, and FTP settings…

THEN add in online banking, email addresses and… well you get the picture. Like most people who spend a fair … ok ok… large portion of their time online, I have, quite simply, too many chuffing details to remember.

Web browsers do their best by helping to remember passwords and so on, but that’s fine until you have to reinstall or use another computer. Then you usually fall back on the password reminder system offered unless, of course, there isn’t one. Then you, ummm, I, am completely screwed.

FTP sites are the worst. Which is no small matter as I have details for about 20 or so, both my own and those I’ve worked on.

So, my dearest readers, how do you handle all this? I’ve tried Keypass, text files, even an Access database back in the day. None of them work. Ideally I need something that is either portable, or encrypted so I can host it on a web server somewhere. Risky? yes I guess so but that’s an argument of ease-of-access versus security and as I’m lazy I go for ease-of-access and to hell with the consequences.. until they, you know, happen. Then, yeah, not so much.

Anyway, hints, tips, ideas, applications… help me!!!


I’m a planner. I plan. It’s what I do.

But sometimes things happen and plans need to be adjusted.

I received a somewhat alarming email from 34sp, an ISP I use for a couple of sites I run, including this one. Apparently a couple of my sites were hacked recently. I don’t visit the sites in question very often so it wasn’t something I noticed, although as they were both only ‘down’ for a few hours I seriously doubt that anyone else noticed either. Thankfully both sites have now been restored to their previous state.

Of course this mean that I’ll need to change my FTP passwords and review my internet security in general. I very much doubt that my machine has been hacked, and I’m fairly careful when sending emails around but it pays to be vigilant, and a few additional precautions won’t do any harm. Of course I don’t want to go over the top but it’s funny how these things make you more paranoid than usual.

And whilst I’m at it I need to get the miniblog working again. I’ve tried a couple of plugins and neither have worked. Admittedly I think recent changes to WordPress haven’t helped much, but until things settle down on that front I’m just gonna go with some custom code. More hassle for me but at least it should work, and will protect me a little the next time I upgrade WordPress.

These things were not planned.

However I did manage to go out for a run this morning, that WAS planned, and there will be more on that, later.

Blogging Tech Work

Note: If you can read this, it worked and I’m now running WordPress 1.5

OK, first things first. Some music.

Hmmm oh yes a nice playlist with some selected tracks from several “Chillout” compilations. Ideal background stuff (some of which reminds me that Portishead are working on a new album), ohh Gotan Project are up first. Perfect..

Onto the instructions then, making sure to read them all the way through first. Yes, all seems straightforward. Fingers crossed.


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This post may not interest you in the slightest, the main point is that you shouldn’t notice a thing but it may be quiet here for a few days in the near future.

I think, after four and a half years, through Blogger Pro, the Google buyout, the redesign and all the early day issues, it’s time I finally said goodbye to Blogger. It’s been fun, and I’m forever in the debt of the guys at Pyra for helping me get started – I can still remember finding Blogger, completely independently, when I was looking for an easier way to update my website than having to hand code a page, then hand code additional links and finally FTP all the updated files to my site – who knew it would go on for so long. It’s grown from a quirky little service to a fairly substantial one, but unfortunately it’s popularity is it’s downfall. The inability to post when I want has become increasingly frustrating, and all the while the feature set is being tailored more towards the ‘new’ market (I can’t blame them for that, it IS the space that Blogger is trying to dominate).

However I think I can safely say that I’m more a power-user and my recent spate of Firefox posts has made me realise, finally, that categories could be very useful.

Of course having made the decision, I need to find the time to actually make the switch. Ideally I’d do it this weekend but I’m a tad busy (shopping on Saturday, night out Saturday night, staying at parents, Gran’s birthday celebrations… ) so I’m guessing it’ll be done at some point next week. I’ll keep you posted of course.

Not sure how it will all work just yet, but hopefully the only difference you’ll notice is a change to the comments system.

Anyway, just a heads up, if I’m not posting my usual inane nonsense at any point in the next week or so you’ll know why.

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“As some day it may happen that a victim must be found, I’ve got a little list–I’ve got a little list” – ????

Answers in the comment box (WITHOUT Googling!) for the source of the quote..

Now, as I’m on holiday I thought it might be fun to jot down some of the things I’m hoping to get done. Then I can re-visit the list come Monday evening and see how much of it I managed. So, without furtherado (as any more ‘ado-ing’ would only serve to further highlight that I’m kinda struggling to fill this post..)

1. Add album art to all the album I have in iTunes.
2. Add DVDs to collectorz software.
3. Finish adding books to collectorz software.
4. Fix the sidebar issue here.
5. Finish and launch Scottish Blogs.
6. Chase up FTP access for the HRL website.
7. Cut the grass.
8. Dig out new bed in front lawn, prepare for conifers and heathers (source some rocks as well).
9. Clear out garage (will include several trips to skip!).
10. Catch up on ‘recorded’ TV viewing.
11. Buy something for sister’s birthday.
12. Buy something for sister-in-law’s birthday.
13. Visit Stu and give him his birthday present from three weeks ago!
14. Start thinking about Louise’s birthday.
15. Re-design the photo gallery, and add more photos – maybe that will make you take some more.
16. Ponder this site – can I be bothered? Is it needed?


That’ll do for the moment I think. Remember, I want answers as to whom I should be attributing the opening quote – I do know the answer, just want to see how many of you do… I’ll explain why later.

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Updated the Visit page again, removed a few, added a few, hoped to not cause offense by placing site X after site Y, you know the kinda thing…

If I’ve missed you, or deleted you, or you think I’m missing out (the sites listed are my ‘regulars’) let me know.

Well I would’ve updated it if I could get an FTP connection, grrrrrrr.


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Hmmmm Hokay… BlogAmp works if I keep an FTP connection open with my FTP client, but the plugin doesn’t seem able to open the connection itself, odd. More investigation to come.


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