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The Brit Awards have rolled around again and somehow the best single of the past twenty five years it Angels by Robbie Williams (as voted by Radio 2 listeners which I think says more about them than the state of pop music). I sincerely hope that is NOT the legacy we are offering our children!

Thankfully most of the awards seem to have gone to the correct recipients this year. With the exception of the following:

  • Gwen Stefani – I wonder if we’ll look back on Gwen Stefani’s International Female Solo Artist award as a bit of a blip? Mind you, given the other nominees it’s understandable.
  • Jamelia – should have won either British Female Solo Artist or British Urban Act, surely.
  • Keane – Best Breakthrough Act? A weak category (god knows why) but would’ve given this to Franz Ferdinand who have had a much bigger impact musically. Non?
  • Scissor Sisters – Best International Album. Album? No I don’t think so. I think the band award is more accurate as so much of what they are about concerns their live act and their general fun personas. Outkast or Killers for me.

Hell, I’ll even concede Will Young’s best single and Keane’s best album awards and if you really push me I’d probably agree with McFly “winning” their award (those pesky kids probably rigged the voting).

In other music news, Prince has been crowned as last years top music earner (rumours abound that he will now change his name to King). Whilst I’m glad that he’s back in the public domain again, it should be pointed out that he hasn’t actually stopped making music, it’s just that none of his recent albums were released on a record label. You could buy them from his website though.

Anyway, the secret to his success is pretty obvious as a mandatory purchase of his last album, Musicology, was required to get a ticket to any concert on his US tour last year. No album purchase, no ticket. Singular. The man is a genius on more than one level.

And finally, I’m happy to say that I’m fully enjoying Lemon Jelly’s new album – ’64 – ’95. Recommended.


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I don’t normally do these. I’m not a great fan of looking back at the past, but then I don’t make resolutions so I guess I’m not so fond of the future either. Live for today and all that!

Still it was a pretty good year, and I DO have some plans for next year… and I’ve got nothing better to do (emm… except tidy up) ohh go on then. Read on for my “Best of 2004” lists.

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Doesn’t seem like two weeks ago that I started to bore you all silly with this… dammit, hang on a second…

(The only thing about sharing iTunes with my wife is the ‘shuffle’ mode which seems to prefer Wham! tracks to anything else).

Right, where was I? Ohh yes, firstly big thanks to everyone who commented, I won’t repeat it all again, suffice to say that if I have a crappy weekend I’ll know who to blame…

So, from all that sage advice, which acts will I be trying to see? Bold are MUST SEE acts.

Saturday: Ben Kweller, Michael Franti, Mylo, Basement Jaxx, British Sea Power, Faithless and Muse.
Sunday: Mull Historical Society, Orbital, Groove Armada, Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, PJ Harvey, and last but not least Pixes (!).

Any other bands are bonuses, and there will be others as I doubt very much, especially on the Sunday, that I’ll be able to catch full sets for a lot of the artists. Add in to the equation the fact that I’m going with three mates and I’ll happily be swayed by majority rule (with some obvious exceptions).

It looks like Sunday is gonna be particularly busy, so I’d better NOT spend too much time in the Hospitality tent. I will be taking my camera, but offer no guarantee of decent photos – although as two of my mates are fairly accomplished I’ll be looking for some tips from them.

So, that’s about that then. I’ll be back on Monday with reviews, photos and stories. Hell I may even post whilst I’m there, we’ll see if the motivation strikes.

And you know what, I’m beginning to get just a little excited.

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Sunday on the Main Stage

Final day of the festival, and here’s the artists appearing on the main stage (reverse order of appearance):

  • Goldie Lookin Chain – never heard of them, so are they worth a gander?
  • Scissor Sisters – No questions here. I WILL be catching them (Mike would never forgive me!)
  • Franz Ferdinand – Probably one of the big draws of the day, why are they on so early?
  • The Thrills – nice album but not sure how it will transfer live, not too fussed if I miss them.
  • PJ Harvey – OOPS not bought her new album yet! First lady of rock, live? You bet! (Anyone for a repeat of THAT Glasto pic?)
  • Kings of Leon – one of my albums of last year, not sure how they will be live.
  • Pixies – Errr… I know I should but .. well I’m not actually that bothered.
  • The Strokes – Headlining. Really? Two good albums, a good sound but again I’ll probably be at the NME stage for Massive Attack.

So Sunday on the main stage consists of Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, PJ Harvey and maybe the Kings of Leon. As I already feared, Sunday is the day where I WILL have to miss an act I’d like to see.. there’s just too many!

Of course WHO I catch depends on the running order, as I’m pretty sure that the Main Stage and NME Stage try and stagger starting times. This may mean catching half of an act here and there but it’s better than nothing. Later on I’ll post the bands I’ll definitely be trying to catch. Who knows, I might even blog from the event itself!

(Anyone know of a PDA version of Blogger? There used to be one but it’s gone now…)

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I’ve commented on music here before, but recently I’ve had a surge of CD purchases and an old affliction is surfacing. It is a simple fear, one which is easily recognised but rarely sated.

I’m missing something. In the same way I missed out on White Ladder, or Parachutes, or Joss Stone.

How do you keep up with music? Radio? Magazines? Websites?

And what am I missing? What will be this year’s “must-have” albums?

Note: Scissor Sisters and Franz Ferdinand are bought already (although the FF one is… well it’s good but not THAT good).

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