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Blimey, what a weekend.

Friday night was a works night out with a free bar for most of the evening. I spent less than £20 in total, and that includes my train fare into Glasgow. We had a room booked in a bar, with a roulette table on one side (which really didn’t interest me), a guy trying to get everyone to salsa dance (which I avoided as I have a bad knee still), and a magician doing card tricks. The magician was very good, and for a while I felt like one of those people you see on TV, gasping, hand over mouth and wide eyed. Yes, he was THAT good.

I don’t want to dwell on the end of the night though so I’ll just say that it’s always interesting to be the type of person that I am, one who frequently gets very tipsy but rarely gets falling down drunk. That means that I tend to remember everything that has gone on, which makes watching the way people act becomes very revealing. You do tend to see people’s true nature when they are drunk and, unfortunately that isn’t always a good thing.

Getting home around 5am meant a very lazy Saturday, including a doze… eh… on the living room floor. Junk food galore, sport on the TV and I didn’t change out of my pyjamas all day.

Sunday was much the same, although I was a little more active but just general pottering about in between Formula One (Hamilton, yer a numpty), football and Rugby. The latter of which I don’t even want to mention…

Which brings us to Monday.

This is not just another Monday, oh no. This is a special Monday, very much a ‘new beginning’ Monday.

For today, Louise starts her new job. Yay.

It also means that we are now sharing a car ride to work (yay for the environment, not so yay for my musical tastes), and that we are both now on a diet. She’s joining a slimming class thingy, and the house has been stripped of anything with too much sugar, too much fat, or too much taste.

Admittedly, since I’ve not been running, I’ve put on a fair chunk myself so I guess it would be good to get a few months of sensible eating in before Xmas arrives, although I think it must’ve been moved this year as I’m certain I saw cards and advent calendars on sale in Morrisons…