Been and went and done it

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I spent the weekend in London and have a posts garnered from a rather wonderful weekend. Here’s the first one: Friday evening, a pub in London, and a gathering of bloggers. What can I say, a great night in the company of smart, funny people. I’ve been blogging for a while now, and over that…


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There are two things I’ve been meaning to fo with this website for a while. 1. Slim the number of categories. I went a bit mad when I first installed WordPress, and I’m pretty sure I can trim the number down from the 22 I currently have (although not all are used, grand plans and…


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It’s one of ‘those’ emails that will be forwarded round the world time and again, so a word of warning.. It’s subject line is “READ FIRST”, and begins “This actually happened last week in Atlanta.” It features some very, very graphic pics of.. well you’ll get the jist from the email, but not all of…