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Sunday morning, 11am, and… ohh wait, I wasn’t going to blog about my jogging so much was I. Ohh well, my site, my rules etc etc.

Sunday morning, 11am, and a glorious sun stretches up into the sky. I felt really good as we started the run and pushed myself pretty hard, something noticed by the jog coach who, as we were walking back to the centre to do some stretches, suggested I move up a group. I very quickly, and firmly, said no. Flattered as I was, I just know that if I move up a group (which equates to running for longer) I’ll likely end up sore, or injured, and sicken myself of this new regime that I’m so enjoying.

I’m going to start doing a longer run myself though, and as my Nike+ arrived today (cheers Keith!!) I’ll be using that from here on out to keep a track of distances covered and what not. I’ll probably double post it to the Fetch Everyone (yes, that’s my stats) site I currently use.

Anyway, that capped out a nice weekend. Not only do I FINALLY have a large cheque in my bank account, but my parents popped over last night and brought with them some ‘stuff’. Namely a lot of old school reports, jotters, and random snippings from the local newspaper that my Mum had kept over the years. It included a card I made for my Mum, presumably when she was in hospital awaiting the birth of my sister, which read: “… I hope it’s a boy!”. Although I’m glad it wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have a wee sister to look after (and laugh at.. 😉 ).

And so, as the last remnants of last nights dinner (red pesto chicken pasta, made by me) are consumed, the weekend fades out of sight. I wonder what this week will bring?


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I wonder if Dire Straits would have been as famous if they had called their song that… Value for money, and the chicks are free… and entirely different proposition.

Thanks to all for some wonderful suggestions on how to spend &10. Ohh and I see some people have posted similar on their website, have I FINALLY started a meme? Is that all it takes?! Yay. Feel free to pilfer, it’s all free anyway (but be nice and link back!).

[cue man in shed from The Fast Show]

This week I will mostly be posting silly things as there ain’t much going on with me at the moment*.

Now, this has never really stemmed the flow of my bloggings (although I hear you can get a cream that will clear up the associated rash) and so whilst I would love to be able to predict what I’ll be rambling on about all I can say is, as ever, turn up and see. Nowt new there, eh?!

Ohh how rude of me, did you all have a good weekend. Bit damp in Scotland yesterday but we still managed a BBQ on Saturday. A good traditional Scottish BBQ. Cook outside, eat inside. Ohh and of course you have to cook the last few pieces of butchered cow whilst juggling your beer in one hand and an umbrella in the other. It’s tradition!

How was YOUR weekend?

* not strictly true of course, but it’s mainly work stuff. Ohh and the small matter of my wife’s birthday on Thursday.


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9 am. I’ll be at the ticket office purchasing a ticket to FINALLY see the Foo Fighters live in Glasgow.

If ANYONE gets in my way or generally fucks things up and I fail to get a ticket then I’ll… I’ll.. ohhh I’ll be SOOOO mad…

Friday morning. And counting.

Ohh and support from The Futureheads and Eagles of Death Metal (a Josh “Queens of the Stone Age” Homme project) should make it pretty darn good.

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Many many MANY thanks to Adrian and Jann for their sage advice and time.

I tried Jann’s advice first – as it was the simplest, namely adding <br style="clear: both;" /> right before the closing DIV tag. Whaddya know, it worked straight away. I’m not sure which I’m more relieved about, the fact it now works in IE AND Firefox (other browsers and versions still to be checked), or that it wasn’t anything I’d coded but a ‘gotcha’ with the Mozilla based browsers. Seemingly it’s “one of those things”, meaning it’s one of those things you learn once and never ever forget!

Now this does mean that my beloved Firefox browser is flawed slightly but it’s still a safer browser than IE – 12.5 million downloads can’t lie! (yes, I know that statistics ALWAYS lie but that’s not my point).

So, without further ado you can ALL have a gander at the 2005 version of this site. Comments welcomed and bear in mind it’s not completely finished yet.

UPDATE: Apologies to Shelagh, I posted this late last night (early this morning) and didn’t spot the code snippet wasn’t showing.


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Tron 2. The game (FINALLY I get to ride a lightcycle) looks good, don’t believe me? Check them yourselves.

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