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Whisper it … I seem to be managing to keep quite a good work/play balance at the moment.

Day-job wise, we have an end of March deadline at work to hit and it’s gonna be tight (but do-able).

Side-job wise I’m throwing together a design for the POTW site, waiting to hear back from someone after handing over some final draft templates for another website (a local school)*, and I need to speak to someone else about an excellent, if somewhat large and scary, project that will take up a good couple of months of my time**. Not forgetting the responses to the recent Scottish Blogs/BritBlog announcement which Mark and I are currently chewing over and on which I’ll update you all on as soon as I can.

Louise is knee-deep in wedding invites, order of services, RSVP cards and other, more general, card-making activities. The IT side of which (see post below) is keeping me busy as well.

Despite all this I’ve managed to drag the elliptical trainer out of it’s hidey-hole the past two evenings (and will do the same tonight) and, more importantly, I’ve managed to stop getting distracted playing Football Manager 2006 (where my Liverpool team have just won the Premiership, FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League in 2009 – Porcellis, Bojinov, Kompany, Adu and Messi are my star turns) until the wee small hours of the morning.

All of which means my sleeping patterns are a little more stable and I’m much more able to focus better on tasks at hand.

Alas, it does not mean that the SHOUTY man isn’t still annoying me, nor does it mean that I’m noticeably cheerier first thing in the morning. In fact I am considering having a sign made so I can post it on the wall next to my desk:


But maybe that’s both a little over the top and an indication on the next area of ‘life stuff’ I should be getting a handle on. I’m averaging about 6 cups of coffee a day at the moment and that can’t be good for you.

* bang on queue PopTray tells me I have a response waiting.
** must get headset for use with Skype, save me sounding like I’m sitting in a porcelain-clad box


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Arsenal stealing the FA Cup, what a travesy. Of course Manchester United’s failure to score has been their undoing this season… I wonder who’ll win the SPL tomorrow??


Eurovision still “so bad it’s good” (what WAS that “surprise” in the green room thing, with the boxer… how awful was that!). Congratulations to Helena from Greece. I missed all the songs but on looks alone she’d get my vote!


Poker can be addictive, once you get past all the lingo of course. We’ve started learning. Desperate Housewives may be an influence.


Watching movies on a channel with adverts is something we don’t tolerate anymore. Our attention spans hit zero when the adverts kick in, especially those ringtone ones. I remember when adverts were well written, funny, clever and were talked about. These days they have me reaching for the remote and changing channels.


Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds STILL freaks me out. I can still remember first hearing it, that descending BEEEOOooo beeoooo beoooooo sent shivers down my spine, Richard Burton’s narration was chilling and I still get the same sense of darkness and terror from it.

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Brian Clough – the legend – dies at 69.

“One reason I never became the England manager was because the FA thought I would take over and run the show. They were dead right.”

You know, we really need more belligerent old buggers like him. There’s beginning to be a shortage.

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