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Right, that’s the car insurance sorted out. DirectLine were the best of the … ohh 8, 9 places I tried online? The AA were the worst by a good £200. No rhyme nor reason to it, but I gave up trying to figure it out ages ago.

Of the places I tried only two asked for any other quote values, well when I say two it’s really one as is more than evident when you move from the Admiral to Elephant and find the form is EXACTLY the same just a different colour. Weirdly enough they gave me different quotes.

The voluntary excess with DirectLine is higher than I’d want, but they offer a free hire car should I need it, and the windscreen excess is lower and more flexible than most others. They also try and sell you on their home insurance as well, handily pulling your details through into another form if you want. Our isn’t due until August but I thought I’d give it a whirl and, lo and behold, it’s very competitive.

Of course I’m now fully expecting several comments telling me just how bad DirectLine are, and what a terrible mistake I’ve made. However as, price wise, it was between them and esure (it’s just a mouse, dear), I’ll take the little red phone over Michael Winner/Bronx mouse any day.

Now if I can just get the DVLA website to process my car tax application we’ll be sorted.


I should mention, for the record and all that, that we were all allowed home early today. Which was nice.

Did a little gardening when we got home, but neither of us were in the mood, so I ended up sitting in (bit of a chill breeze where we live) with the window open, reading and doing a little work on a website for a friend. Across the street one of the neighbours started their saxophone practise lending a very Simpson-esque feel to the afternoon.

Unfortunately there were no doughnuts to be found.

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Sod’s Law
I watch (well the TV is tuned to in the background) BBC Breakfast every morning. This morning I was most miffed that I was going to miss my favourite ever Professor explaining Sod’s Law. However thanks to the wonders of the web, we can all enjoy it: Sod’s Law: a rocket scientist writes…

(More info on Sod’s Law also known as Murphy’s Law)

In other news, work is still not great but my fate should be known soon (cue The Clash: Should I Stay or Should I go – or in this case, Will I stay or Will I be made Redundant? and no I don’t know why I wrote that in semi-caps…)

My surfing has been limited over the past few days, but I have to agree with Vaughan (very scary in EXACTLY the same way, the truth will out!), and Stuart on supermarkets strikes a chord (and yes, I AM a snob too), and my reaction to the ‘£50,000 grant/no shouting at kids in supermarket’ thing is similar to Vodkabirds, namely that it would be a miracle to get the parents of these little shits to do ANYTHING that involved discipline.

Note: I am not saying all parents are bad, but as usual the few tar the many.

That’s all for now. You are excused.

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