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I’ve had a long term aim to move away from a big ‘box’ of a computer to a smaller laptop with a nice big storage system. Last week I took the last step towards that goal. I’ve been waiting several years for this and, in retrospect, should never have bought the last Dell machine I did (it’s a good enough PC but I was already thinking about going ‘laptop’ at that point).

It will also mean that, for home use, I will be completely Apple Mac based, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Airport Extreme, Airport Express (and, errr… a Synology NAS box).

Oddly, one of the main reasons for this switch isn’t actually anything to do with technology. It’s more about simplicity, minimalism and the desire to have ‘less’. A slim sleek laptop , a minimal desk setup, with as much as possible tidied away.

And yes, I was very VERY tempted by the retina display but, as yet, can’t really justify that extra cash… anyway, in a few years time when I’m ready to upgrade, EVERY laptop will have a “retina” style display.

Just for kicks, and because I asked for suggestions on Twitter (and someone obliged with a blog post), I’ll post about the apps I pick up to get my Mac running the way I need it. I’ve done this in the past and it’s good to have it all written down somewhere as I have a shockingly bad memory.

Roll on the 16th July, delivery day!!


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The year is 2009. The day is less than 20 hours old and I’m pondering.

Shall I try and post EVERY SINGLE DAY? (madness!).

Shall I run a “T-Shirt off my back” competition (in tribute to Troubled Diva, of course).

Or shall I simply switch this to my tumblr feed and let the twitters, delicious linkage, last.fm tracks, photos and random blog posts become the main focus? (or, perhaps, that would be something for gordonmclean.co.uk.. aha! an idea is forming!).

And if I do decide to post EVERY SINGLE DAY, does it matter if most of them are, like this, complete, waffling, filler?

Hmmmm, I ponder.