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Saturday at Cameron House lodge, Sunday evening with Joanna Newsom, not too shabby, but it didn’t start too well though.

We were spending Saturday night at the lodge with our friends, and they picked us up at the back of 2. We loaded their car (an estate, thankfully) with food and booze, and headed off.

3 hours later we arrived. A journey that should’ve taken an hour or so, was thwarted by heavy traffic, atrocious weather, and the unannounced nor signposted closure of the Erskine Bridge (adding a 30 minute diversion to the route).

Thankfully the lodge was sumptuous, and so many thanks to my wee sis for organising it. We had a great night, chilling out, playing on a borrowed Wii, and generally forgetting all our troubles. Top stuff.

Home mid-afternoon on Sunday, I dozed on the sofa for an hour or so before heading back into Glasgow City Halls.

As she took the stage to rapturous applause, Joanna Newsom looked small and slightly embarassed at the cheering reception. She said hello and spent the next hour enchanting us as she played through her recent album, ably backed by the Northern Sinfonia (which was more chamber than symphony sized). It was a stunning evening of music, and when she came back on to do some tracks from her first album, and a couple of traditional songs, you could have heard a pin drop.

Not only does she have a far more powerful voice than I thought, the dexterity with which she plays the harp, and the passion she manages to evoke… well it was simply breathtaking.

I hadn’t realised that last night was the first night of the tour with the Sinfonia, and she did apologise for being very nervous and forgetting a few lines, but to be honest I doubt many people noticed. Glancing round the audience at the rapt faces, some with eyes closed, it was obvious that we were all sharing something special. The venue helped providing not only excellent acoustics, but the provision of a very intimate feel to the occasion.

I don’t like to make rash judgements but that might well have been the best gig I’ve ever been to… bugger it. It was sublime. Beautiful, moving, powerful, technically astonishing, and left me sitting with a pleasant smile on my face.

The memories of last night will live long.


Why do you need a website?

OK, how do you answer that?

“Well everyone else has one…”

Oh, and if everyone jumped off the Erskine Bridge, you’d follow them?

“Because it’s cool…” (which it isn’t, so don’t ever use this answer)

You think so? it just means you can’t get a real life

And so it goes (which is a wonderful Billy Joel song) basically your only available answer is to say – “You just don’t understand it…”

But it does get you thinking, why do I need to do this? The answer to that is simple – I don’t need to. I could stop tomorrow, no really I could…
So the question is almost back to the original – Why do I have a website?

Well it started as an area where I would dump stuff, where I experimented with bits and bobs for other websites, then it started to grow. The main problem is updating. I tend to do things in mad rushes, nothing for weeks, then a whole slew of stuff in a couple of days…

It is an outlet, as with everyone, I have ideas, thoughts, emotions running amok. Some I commit to this site, others I let wander around in my head for a while, most disappear into some dusty corner or other, only to re-appear at odd intervals.

So what you get here is just what’s in my head, nothing amazingly profound, well not usually, and nothing to extreme, in fact I’m ecstatic that you’ve read this far – thank you very much.

Anyway, I only need one thing in my life, and she knows who she is.

Personal Musings

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