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I got dragged out shopping tonight. Dragged. There was some muttering about “no bloody football on” or somesuch but I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. She really must learn to stop gritting her teeth.


Someone asked me for a suggestion for a quiet pub in Glasgow. I spent quite a while racking my brain before realising that it’s an oxymoron of sorts. There is no such thing. Glaswegians are not quiet, doubly so when they are in the pub. In the end I suggested the Drum and Monkey (old fashioned but quiet enough) or All Bar One (ubiquitous, quiet-ish and more modern). I’d love to say WHY I was asked to recommend them but I can’t. I promised. She’d kill me.


Our friend, who is on long-term sick leave, blacked out. She came around to find her husband phoning an ambulance. She is now the proud owner of several staples, a bloodied top and what she reckons will be a first-class black eye. We did have a curry and beer night planned with them tomorrow but we’ll make do with making sure she’s alright!


I’ve just typed up a lengthy, descriptive, set of directions for my sister-in-law who is driving to Haggerston on Saturday. She’s taking the kids to a holiday park there, and we’ll nip down and visit on Sunday.

She’s not the world’s most confident driver and I’m pretty sure the furthest she’s ever driven was when she visited us.. I reckon it’s about 50 miles. She’s about to quadruple her personal best! Thankfully it’s not too complicated and she seems quite calm about it… nevertheless I’ll have my mobile set to LOUD all day Saturday. Just in case.

Mind you, we’re at a BBQ on Saturday so I’m hoping she arrives safe and sound before I get too sozzled to help…

“Yeah yeah, take that road. If that doesn’t work, phone me back in a beer.. er.. when you hit Manchester… or something.. HIC!”


ENOUGH!!! Seriously, stop it. All this nonsense about who supports whom, is rather boring now. NO-ONE has to support ANYONE for ANY reason. That’s it. Simple enough. If someone chooses to support someone else then THAT IS UP TO THEM. It’s a free country (ish). Get over it.

Or at the very least, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT YOU, to quote my darling wife, “WANKFUCKS!”.


That feels SO much better.

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Like many others, I’ve got a profile on the Friends Reunited website. And, undoubtably, like many others I’ve not checked the site for ages… probably about a year now I come to think of it.

They’ve added a few new features, made the navigation a bit easier, and polished the whole thing. It’s looking nice and slick and shiny.

But the best bit is that you can now create a little ‘picture profile’ of yourself if you don’t want to load a photo. Now obviously this is open to abuse, and the thought of putting up an ickle me with pigtails, boobs, and a mini-skirt does fill me with.. well probably more excitement than it should actually…

So I won’t. But I did create one.

What do you think?

P.S. Obviously there are only a few people who have been blessed with my masculine beauty in person but it would kinda ruin the whole idea behind this post if I based my decision, on whether to post this or not, on that fact.

P.P.S. I don’t half go on sometimes.

P.P.P.S. Of course, when I say that … [EDITOR: THAT’S ENOUGH!] Ehh? Who said that?

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