Coloured views

Reading time: 3 mins I remember sitting in a lecture hall, third row from the front. It was an old room, well loved, and the sun was streaming through the vertical blinds captured in the dust stirred by 30 nervous, anxious and very unsure students. It was the first day of college and I had no idea what to […]

Always learning

Reading time: 2 mins Next week the first of two new recruits joins our team. Both are graduates and whilst neither graduated from a Technical Writing based course they both have a good mix of skills, coming to the position through different routes. It’ll be a challenge for them, and a challenge for us, to integrate them to the […]

Smarty Pants

Reading time: 2 mins I wanted to mark today, specifically to mention here so I don’t forget it. My memory is lousy and no matter what the future may hold, I want to mark down today as a day I was inspired. My sister-in-law graduated today and now holds a degree in Dietetics. I’m not quite sure what letters […]