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A quick glance at the posts I currently have in draft reminds me that I’m kinda busy at the moment. Most of them are almost finished, a couple are still in the idea stage.

  • Information Design and the Web – two part article
  • Simplicity Achieved? – a pondering on the flock of new simple applications, possibly heralding a new cycle in software usage?
  • Firefox Experience – one year on, how is it?
  • Thunderbird – I’ve installed the Mozilla email client, some initial thoughts
  • Fairies – probably never to be posted, a few thoughts on bigotry
  • Orwellian – my take on why we write
  • Z-list – Prompted by the Bloggies
  • Attention Deficit Disorder – can this be acquired?

Fascinating, stuff eh. In the meantime I’d suggest you head over to mike’s place and join in the fun over there. “Which Decade is Tops for Pops?” is back!!

EDIT: Blogrolling.com appears to be having a few issues at present. You should be able to read the content but the entire page may not load properly. (Time to ditch the blogroll?) Sudden realisation that WordPress can handle the list. Et voila!


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Some questions.

1. Anyone having a problem with my Site Feed? It SHOULD be listing the full post but doesn’t appear to be working. This is a WordPress issue (I think) but I’ve no idea how to fix it. The WordPress Support Forum is quiet on this one and don’t even get me started on the documentation. DOH DOH DOH. Why didn’t I think of that?
Many thanks to Ian and David for their prompt, and correct, responses. I just wish it had been a bit less obvious so I wouldn’t feel quite so thick. Anyhoo, FULL Site Feed is now available and if you used the link on the left you shouldn’t have to change a thing.

2. Greyscale (grayscale) – I’d LOVE to have those Flickr photos on the left there available in greyscale – is it possible? CSS (yeah yeah I know, IE only filters are available) what about a clever PHP script??

3. Is there a specific reason why my comments level has dropped off so dramatically? Is it the content? Actually, don’t answer that one, I know the answer. You guys are really hard to please!! 😉

EDIT: OK, this last one spanks of “Validate me!” so much I was gonna delete it. But I won’t. I want to remember the day when I SANK THIS LOW!!!

Christ, I need a beer.


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Mike has been busy dissecting the recent Band Aid single. I won’t spoil the outcome, but he does make a good argument for the winner (the question is how much you agree with his musical tastes).

However, as I commented, you can’t really compare them. Sure you can dissect the musical aspects of each but ultimately the people who bought the original 1984 version will still remember Martin Buerk’s news report from Ethiopia, and probably still be able to recall the horror and revulsion of what they saw on screen. It was a shock back then, to see things like that.

These days, we have 24 hour news, so don’t tune in at 6pm. We read headlines of famine, war, and genocide, and scan past the pictures portraying these horrible horrible things. It’s all there, constantly streamed at us, and we are becoming numbed to it. Back in 1984 it was a new experience, sadly today it is all too common.

UPDATE: Having re-read this I’d like to point out that I’m not knocking Mike’s post – it’s very good, go read it. It was just the prompt for this post, hence the link.

EDIT: Corrected from Michael Bell to Michael Buerk. Cheers graybo, I always get those two mixed up.

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