How to embed linked images in Microsoft Word

Reading time: < 1 min Have you ever shared a Word document with someone only to find the images it included didn’t get sent over? This is probably because the images you had were linked rather than embedded. You now have two options: ZIP the entire folder with the Word document and all the images (and hope that the links […]

How to embed linked images in Word 2010

Reading time: < 1 min One of the most popular posts on my blog was written a few years ago but still gets a lot of visits and comments; How to embed linked images in Word 2007. Some of the comments have offered better solutions and one in particular I found myself searching for today. Having upgrade to Office 2010 […]

How to embed linked images in Word 2007

Reading time: < 1 min Using Author-it to produce Word documents is easy. The tricky bit is distributing them. Without running any post publishing macros, the Word document that is generated will be using linked images. So everytime you need to distribute the document you’ll also need to remember to include the images as well. I frequently forget this, hence […]