bookmark_border(Late) Weekender

Blimey, is it Wednesday already?? Ohhh I did that, right… as you were.

I’d like to ask for two days off work. Tomorrow and Friday will do, so I can be take the time to be thankful for everything I hold dear. And so I can snap up some goodies on Black Friday(that’s for my American chums), mind you I shouldn’t be shopping this Friday as it’s Buy Nothing Day (why does it always fall on payday? Ohh right…).

Now I have to admit that my knowledge of Thanksgiving extends about as far as is possible when it’s entirely based on episodes of Friends. Suffice to say I know that the men watch a game of John Madden while the women cook turkey (or a turducken perhaps?), and that you coat your potatoes with meringue (the horror that is sweet potato pie which I consider an affront to my inherited, Irish, love of potatoes). In saying that I hope you all have a good day and retain your sanity.

Given my limited experience of Thanksgiving, I guess it IS a little rich to have a go so maybe someone can answer me this: why do you get TWO days off? Answers on a postcard. Usual address. Ta.

Back to reality then and I’m still bearing the scars of last weekends exertions. No, nothing kinky (don’t judge me by YOUR deviant standards … thankeweverymuch) we were building, well constructing, two flat-pack wardrobes. At some point I took a slice of skin off the knuckle of my thumb then, just as the stinging had stopped, I did it again on the exact same spot. I’m glad my youngest nephew (11) was downstairs or he may have learned a new word or five… thinking about it he probably knows them all already.

I’m not sure that this is a good thing but we’ve now built so many different types of flat-pack furniture that we rarely need to refer to the instructions and when we do, we understand them! We already know that the peg thingy will go THERE and then we’ll tighten the wee lock thingy onto the peg thingy with a Dave Allen key. That last sentence should make sense if you have ever built anything from IKEA. Of course I had neglected to charge my electric screwdriver so it was a largely manual job which is probably why I’ve got a double-deep chunk of skin missing from my left hand.

Sunday saw us start our Xmas shopping. We are lucky to have a large shopping centre near us in East Kilbride which is only a ten minute drive away and is completely under cover. Saves us trailing into the madness that is Glasgow city centre at this time of year. Louise had been saving up to get shopping vouchers – you pay a set amount each month and receive the money back in the form of vouchers, they can be used in just about all high street shops – so despite a lack of cash we managed to get about a third of our shopping done. It was a little tempting to treat it like monopoly money though but thankfully we already knew what we were going for and how much it would cost. Incidentally, and this may not be news to many of you but I never really pay attention to these things, most shops have sales on NOW to try and entice you to part with your money. We got several items at marked down prices. Bonus.

We were also treated, during a pitstop for lunch, to a few tunes from a full Highland Pipe band as Sunday was the day that Santa arrived for his stay at East Kilbride shopping centre. As is traditional (?) his sleigh was accompanied on a march round the shopping centre (twice) by a skirl of bagpipes, which certainly made the discussion, of what to get Uncle Bruce, interesting. Mind you, I do feel sorry for all the other boys and girls as Santa has, for the 9th straight year, chosen East Kilbride as his December home. Sorry about that and whilst I hate to break it to you I think you should know that all the other Santas are imposters.

This coming weekend will mean more shopping, and possibly a chance to catch up with some friends. Over a bottle of wine. Or five. Yes, it’s been a long week. Is it Wednesday already?

bookmark_borderSoggy Napkins

So, being a day of leisure, I’m just back from a wander round East Kilbride shopping centre. A few minor purchases (aren’t these Pound shops just fascinating) and one question, raised when I stopped for a coffee and a bun in yet another little coffee place – actually it’s the same one but it’s changed names four times since it opened last year, and it once appeared in a Scottish Executive advert for.. er.. something or other.

The question is this: Why do these places insist on placing your slightly soggy slice of apple cake onto a napkin? What’s the purpose of this?

You are then faced with two choices, remove the napkin or eat the slice of cake with the napkin still in place. The former usually ends with part of your cake crumbling onto the table, the latter usually ends with you eating part of the napkin without realising.

Why do they do it? Answers in the comments box please.

Ohh and I know I said I’d post more details of something ‘fun’ yesterday but I’ve decided to leave it until tomorrow. Just don’t get your hopes up and change any plans just so you can come and see what it is, it’s not THAT exciting.

bookmark_borderFlipping knackered

Almost 1:30pm and I’m done in already (and I’ve still got the house to tidy!)
Went shopping in East Kilbride (still missing an item though – arrgh!)
The tyres took about 20 minutes to fit and have the tracking adjusted.
I remembered my Blogger Pro email address as I was driving to East Kilbride (not much of a test though..)
I wasn’t the only person whose site was busy yesterday (see previous comments)
The local pool is very quiet at 10:30 am!
And I wasn’t late for my appointment, just…

So, lunchtime now. Then tidy up, then iron and pack, then start on the CDs.

Are you all enjoying my riveting life?

bookmark_borderRandom thoughts to the start the day

Should I go shopping in East Kilbride?
Is Harry Stone a genius?
How long will fitting the tyres take?
Why do we call it ‘silver’?
Will I remember my Blogger Pro email address for posting?
Why was yesterday the busiest day this site had in the last 12 months?
Why didn’t I keep a running total when I switched counters!
Where is the squirrel?
Should I complain more often?
Why aren’t I writing more? (also known as Why am I writing less?)
Will I be late for that appointme


East Kilbride shopping centre early a.m. – hunting for wedding present and purple attire, found neither.

Hamilton for lunch – same shoppng goals – got wedding present, a lovely set of glasses (more on that in a sec).

Glasgow for secondary shopping goal – purple attire – remembered why we don’t travel across the city at 2pm. Spend 90 mins stationary in car. Curse sister for have a purple themed 21st birthday party. Give up and go home.

Wedding reception in the evening. Get togged up, go to reception, have better time than expected. On leaving bride mentions the engagement present we gave them that they had just gotten around to opening… yes, you guessed it, a box of glasses. Doh. Oh well, should see the funny side of it I hope…

Today, gym a.m., Spanish Grand Prix p.m., tidied up house a little, and about to start dinner.

How was your weekend?

P.S. Only kidding Jen, we don’t mind really…