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But I want it!
I own DVD’s but not a DVD player. One criteria of me getting a PlayStation 2 (before we got, say, a new cooker) was that it would be used to play DVDs. Which it has. But… well it’s not enough really, is it. I can get hold of VCDs, SVCDs, MP3 discs, and all that kinda stuff. What I needed was something with the following specification:
~ Playback of DVD , CD , MP3 , DTS , CD-R , CD-RW , VCD , SVCD and other formats
~ Supports NTSC / PAL dual system and 16:9 / 4:3 format
~ 5.1 channel digital output and 2.1 analog output
~ 32x realtime play and display
~ Composite Video , S-Video and Scart output
~ IR Remote control and OSD (On Screen Display)
~ Multi-Region Capable

Just as well I found this then.

So I’m a tad excited. I don’t get to buy many new gadgets these days since we bought the house (I mean for some reason my wife considers a new cooker and decorating the bathroom as better use for our money than, say, upgrading my 4 year old Palm Pilot or buying me a new PC!! Sheesh). I’ve got a VCD, Region 1 and Region 2 discs all lined up and tomorrow I’m gonna cut an MP3 disc.

Excited, excited, excited.

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Completely unrelated to the post below but if I DID have £2700, this little item may appear on my shopping list.

I’ve not got a DVD player, I use my PlayStation 2 for that, mainly because I have around 400 films on video.

Now if only the JVC HR-XV1 had a DVD recorder, I’d be sold!

Life Work

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Ocean’s 11 was very good – funny, clever, entertaining. All the cast members performed well without trying to outshine each other, which was very refreshing. Thoroughly recommended bit of light entertainment. It also prompted a discussion about who the female was in the original (my gut said Angie Dickinson – but was I right?). And of course I’ll be buying the soundtrack v.soon, loads of smooth jazzy numbers on there.. nice.

In other good news – finally purchased Groundhog Day on DVD. My video is wearing thin, as it’s one of those safe moves we watch over and over again. Also new to the collection: Highlander, Arlington Road (never seen it though) and Copycat (was recommended to us by my brother-in-law, I’d missed it at the cinema, and have to say it is a very good thriller – why didn’t it do better at the box office?)


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Received some information today that made me think. I stopped what I was doing and thought hard about it, then realised the utter preposterousness(?) of it and laughed it off… trouble is I think the person who sent it to me was serious. I thought they had better judgement, hell I know they have better judgement… very weird why they thought this would swing past me without any comment. Oh well, it is these little things that are sent to test us.

I had hoped to be working on a very interesting/challenging/fun project soon (outside of my day job) however contractually I am not allowed to… at least as far as receiving payment goes, will have to check and see if the ‘working for nothing yet just received new DVD player’ system is legal. 😉

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Tidy, neat and organised. Took some time away from this wretched machine to do a bit of tidying up. You know the type of thing, the stuff you keep saying you’ll do but never actually get around to, well we’ve done it. Mind you my desk could do with a clear out, I currently have an ambulance on standby in case the paper tower sitting next to me should topple.

Think we are going to watch a video tonight (no DVD in this house..yet). What to watch? Fight Club? Mary Poppins? Indiana Jones trilogy? Hmmmm what else did we get for Xmas?

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