Donating Blood

Reading time: < 1 min Donalda Bint (not her real name I should maybe mention) offers a suggestion on how to get through the christmas shopping nightmare (it’s in the comments). Seems like a good way to do it, but unfortunately it’s not an option for me. I’m not fond of needles but that isn’t why.. the reason is simple: […]

Scooby who?

Reading time: < 1 min Mystery solved. “Donalda Bint” was in my English class at school, and I’ll leave her anonymity on this site up to her. Was nice to hear from her, and I was instantly transported back to Miss Scott’s class, discussing To Sir With Love, and wondering why Miss Scott was single. Ahhh Miss Scott, why did […]

Point of view

Reading time: < 1 min Well my post yesterday (Society Anger) certainly stirred up the proverbial can of worms (or have I got my mixed metaphors muddled up?). I love hear other people’s opinions, such as those made in the comments yesterday, and as ever a few have changed my mind a little. I still believe that a small percentage […]