Efficient for no reason

Today was a busy day. It wasn't manic, but I was on the go (still am) and got a lot of stuff done. The things that didn't get completed were properly rescheduled and a plan put in place, and I also managed to move some things off my plate. Which is good. Thing is, I

Instructions and ethics

Two things are currently making me GRRRRRRRR quite a bit. One is a minor annoyance that crops up frequently, the other a fairly fundamental gripe with a certain profession. In reverse order then, my main gripe is with the current batch of moaning politicians who are saying that it isn't fair that they are having

At the conference

Morning, in a short while I'll be delivering my presentation, trying to keep everyone awake whilst I waffle on about why blogging is the best thing ever and WHY AREN'T YOU DOING IT?? Or words to that effect... Don't worry though, dear reader, you can view the presentation and read through some of my notes

Roll up, roll up

Get your sensationalistic TV viewing here!!First we heard that an abortion will be seen on TV for the first time, now we hear that Christopher Alder's death will be shown tonight.Christopher Alder, 37, died at Queens Gardens Police Station, Hull, in April 1998.An inquest concluded Mr Alder, who had been arrested for breach of the