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My new job is taking a lot of my time, and as it’s kick started my dormant professionalism, it’s also sapping my book reading time as well. Coupled with that I do seem to be on a non-fiction bent of late, I’m part way through “Make it Stick” and have just ordered some books with titles that include the words “simplicity”, “Nurnberg funnel” and “minimalism”. I blame Malcolm Gladwell.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a teetering stack of unread books at home but they are mostly novels and I’m just not in the mood to start them.

So, whilst Louise is just discovering Dan Brown and is disappearing off to bed at 9pm so she can fit in a couple of hours of reading, I’m stuck staring at my stack (I said STACK!) and wondering what to read next. In short (but let’s face it, when have us bloggers ever bothered with ‘short’), has anyone got any book recommendations?

And yes, I know that recommending books and music for people is always tricky, but the archives can help you there. Mind you I’m currently try to suss out what the next “blink” or “tipping point” book is, and from my limited research there doesn’t seem to be another “must read” book doing the blog rounds at the moment, but feel free to prove me wrong.

DOH. What an idiot.

I’m forgetting that THE book of the moment is Shaggy Blog Stories! My copy arrived yesterday, so that’s first in the list, but after that…

Anyone used Upcoming?

The end of the year is already starting to fill up, with concerts, birthdays and whatnot. So far (and I’m missing some birthdays off here):

Add in a couple of weekends of Christmas shopping, a few items on my To-Do list (draft draught-proofing* the front door being the main thing) and I’ll soon be wondering why the rest of the year has disappeared.

I have 10 days holiday left as well, and I think I’ll work through Christmas this year, so I’m considering asking to take every Monday from mid-October onwards as a holiday. Four day weeks from then until the end of the year? Certainly sounds appealing!

* Corrected, thanks Lyle. You’ll never guess what I’m doing at work today! DOH…

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Standing around in the rain isn’t the best way to spend a hungover Sunday morning, but then neither is working on a bank holiday Monday whilst several gallons of phlegm slosh around your head.

Anyway. Series finale of Huff last night, and boy am I glad that a second series has been ordered. Of course I’d have loved to have confirmed this on the show’s official website but alas, as you’ll see if you visit, those “pages are intended for access only from within the United States”.

There is a small bell ringing in my head that I’ve read about this recently on another blog.. nope, can’t remember. Anyone??
UPDATE: Twas the lovely Meg which as David points out I’ve already mentioned. I’m so well organised, aren’t I. Wish I could REMEMBER that I was that well organised. DOH.

So what’s all that about then, why on earth would you limit access to a website for a TV show that is syndicated into Europe (and probably other regions). How long will take for these companies to “get” the web properly? The entire point is that ANYONE ANYWHERE can access the information about that fabuluous TV show you’ve commissioned, they want to see if you have anything else in the pipeline that might be as good. Sheesh.

Anyway, Huff was an intelligently written and superbly acted show and it was nice to see Hank Azaria playing a ‘normal’ character, he’s quite an accomplished actor as well as being the voice of many Simpsons characters, and despite the show revolving around his character you never really felt it was all about him until last nights episode. Cleverly written, brilliantly acted.

Oliver Platt stole most of the scenes he was in, and as the series progressed you go from loathing him to loving him as he slowly reveals the real person behind the drinking, drug taking selfish idiot he starts out as. Paget Brewster (is she a relation of Sean Young?) also grew into the role the further the series developed, and showed that there is more to her than a short spell in Friends (the one where Chandler kisses Joey’s girlfriend, that’s Paget Brewster). Blythe Danner was excellent as Huff’s mother, slowly pickling her liver whilst dishing out backhand insults left right and centre. If it is repeated I’d highly recommended you watch it, I just hope that they trim the opening title sequence for the next series.

So we now have a hole in our viewing, 24 is still going (SHUSH, not watched last nights yet!!), Grand Designs allows us to dream of having enough money to build our own house, but apart from that… well House and Boston Legal are recorded but not watched yet, they come recommended but I’ll hold off judgement, anyone watched them?

One thing I did record last night, with many thanks to the Paramount Comedy Channel, was the TV series of Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Real reviews of the movie, as in reviews from people I know or whose blog I read, are trickling in and they’re not too favourable. Of course I’m aware that the books hold a special place in many home libraries and that films rarely stack up against the books they come from – how on earth could they, competing with millions of different imaginations – but I’ll still be going to see it.


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A very nice man he was. Nice little sports car, bag full of impressive looking lenses.

Sit here, balance your laptop on your knees, try and pretend it’s above freezing. Do you always look this grumpy?

Click, flash, whirr. Click, flash, whirr. Click, flash, whirr.


And what did I forget? I forgot to ask him for a copy of the photos! DOH. I’ll send an email on the off chance it’s possible.

P.S. Still no sign of my mug. Found it – it’s been “borrowed” (borrowed, stolen, such a fine line…) for use by some visitors. Such is the price for having a nice presentable mug. I guess I’m now faced with no choice but to go and buy one with a picture of Jordan on it, topless, preferably (“yeah so you can get the coffee in!” … just before anyone else says it).

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Some questions.

1. Anyone having a problem with my Site Feed? It SHOULD be listing the full post but doesn’t appear to be working. This is a WordPress issue (I think) but I’ve no idea how to fix it. The WordPress Support Forum is quiet on this one and don’t even get me started on the documentation. DOH DOH DOH. Why didn’t I think of that?
Many thanks to Ian and David for their prompt, and correct, responses. I just wish it had been a bit less obvious so I wouldn’t feel quite so thick. Anyhoo, FULL Site Feed is now available and if you used the link on the left you shouldn’t have to change a thing.

2. Greyscale (grayscale) – I’d LOVE to have those Flickr photos on the left there available in greyscale – is it possible? CSS (yeah yeah I know, IE only filters are available) what about a clever PHP script??

3. Is there a specific reason why my comments level has dropped off so dramatically? Is it the content? Actually, don’t answer that one, I know the answer. You guys are really hard to please!! 😉

EDIT: OK, this last one spanks of “Validate me!” so much I was gonna delete it. But I won’t. I want to remember the day when I SANK THIS LOW!!!

Christ, I need a beer.


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A quick check of the YACCS site and lo and behold, new code, update for the new Blogger (Dano).

DOH. Should’ve figured that one out.

Ohh and yes the time settings got screwed too, I’ve fixed them now (although I’ve had to fudge the time as I can’t find a setting for BST).

So apologies to one and all for not commenting on your comments. Normal* service has now been resumed.

Right, so anyone know anywhere I can get cheap flights to Venice? I’ve got free accomodation waiting there but don’t want to drop £200 on flights!

* This word is used advisedly

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HELP! Still having hassles with the archives. I’ll try and sort it out tonight, although I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried…

3:42 PM – Sorted, just me being silly and missing a script setting, and to think this has been bugging me for weeks! DOH!


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