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Those nice people at Google have opened up their ‘homepage gadgets‘ and you can now use them anywhere. Excellent, I could have the latest Scottish news headlines zipping across the page, or maybe a game of hangman for when I post something you find boring, or perhaps the phases of the moon just be all spiritual like…

Or not.

Whilst it’s very generous of Google, I would hope that people show a little restraint. The multitude of eyesore-tastic widgets and scripts that abound in blogs is already something that constantly irks me.

Ohh the moon is in the third cresecent, ohhh my horoscope says I’m about to die, ohhh the weather where you are is awful…. I DON’T CARE!! Don’t get me wrong, some are handy, and lord knows I’ve fallen prey to ‘widget-itis’ in the past, it’s very much a case of “ohh shiny” for me sometimes, but this all seems, I dunno, so 2001… Haven’t we moved on?

Do you think I read the random quotes that zip buy in that tiny box? Do you think that Flickr box with it’s ever changing photos DOESN’T keep dragging my eye away from your content? I do not care to read your joke of the day!

So, Google Gadgets, clever? Yes. Likely to be overused in every way imaginable? Yes.

Or is it just me?


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I’ve seen it used several times in the past week or so. It DOESN’T make you look or sound cool, smart, or ‘better’ in any way shape or form. To what do I refer?

grok – tr.v.: To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy.

Please, PLEASE, stop using it. You know who you are.


I got paid today. Thankfully no charges from the bank and as it turns out my company accounting monkeys DID process the pay run on Thursday, we even had the Director of… er.. summat or other… come round to apologise.


I want a laptop. A small, thin, cheap laptop on which I can write up blog posts and stuff. Needs only be capable of text editing, holding some MP3s, and viewing photos. Ohh and I’m skint so if it’s free so much the better. Anyone??

Maybe I just need a keyboard for my phone? (This MAY be a hint).


My Mum has printed off your best wishes and will be taking them to my Gran this evening in hospital. So thanks again to you all. My Mum has spoken to social services about my Gran’s situation so we’ll see what comes of that (and yes my thoughts on the matter are currently sitting in a draft post).

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8th January 2000 – a Saturday night.

It was raining, cold, and miserable. We decide on the Balloch Hotel, it has that cosy, homily feel that pubs seem to lack these days. It also DOESN’T have music pumping at 200 decibels (oh god, I’m getting old).

So we sat, drank beer, and talked. It was great.

We covered recent events in our lifes, discussed what we hoped the future would hold, told crap jokes, and finally, as we always do, started reminiscing.

There aren’t many people that I consider as good friends, but on Saturday night, mine were all there. We have been through a lot, laughed, cried, argued and fought. No doubt we will go through more, and remain friends.

The true testament was how easy it was. We are different people to when we first met, almost 7 years ago, and our life’s have all taken twists and turns (you should know about mine by now). Without slipping into old personas, we did slip into a comfortable routine, OK, so some of the jokes are getting old (like IC! tee hee), and a lot of the stories weren’t funny at the time, but SB and I are talking now ;), but it was still a good night.

We will have others, but as it was the first get together of the ‘old class’ in a long time, it seems to have kicked started my year. Hopefully we will all stick to the resolutions we made, for some of us it will be easier than for others. The advantage is that we all have each other to lean on.

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