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It simply cannot be almost 2007. I refuse! Turn back the clocks, rewind the days, reset the weeks and recall the months. I DEMAND A RECOUNT!

What a year it’s been. Good and bad. Mainly good.

I WAS gonna do a list of lists type post but, frankly m’dears I cannae be arsed. I’ve been fighting a cold since Christmas Eve eve and have little enough energy as it is.

And it’s much better to look forward at times like these.

Forward to the new job, forward to the continuation of learned habits and regimes, forward to some resolutions I’ve already made but not as “New Year” resolutions (we don’t do those). Forward is where we are headed and where we are focussed.

And that’s probably why time flies so fast!

Whatever 2007 brings, I hope it treats you well. Thank you to all for visiting this past year, and as I don’t see any let up in the nonsense that floats around in my head I’ll expect you all back for more of the same in the coming year.

Ohh, that and a new design (which I’d hoped to get posted today but.. meh… no chance).

Have a wonderful Hogmanay, see you next year!


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Started commuting into Glasgow a couple of days a week. I’m in that funny limbo land at the moment where I’m not a ‘commuter’ as I don’t do it often enough, so I am viewing each short trip as, well, a curiosity. I used to love getting the train to college, but it was a longer trip, so you could settle down, and get a feel of travel. The commute in to Glasgow isn’t long enough for that, so I’m not quite sure what frame of mind I should be in for it. I’m not making a big deal out of this, just not sure what I am making of it at the moment. Yes it’s smelly, and dirty, but not THAT smelly and dirty… I think.

And another thing. The white van we saw abandoned in the middle of the road at the weekend. What happened to it?! Shouldn’t there be a public posting of what transpired? How did it get there? Why was it abandoned? Was it, as I suspect, an alien abduction or just a broken down van with a stupid owner… Why should I let this become just another of ‘life’s little mysteries’!! WHY!! I DEMAND TO KNoww…. ahem… sorry about that.

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