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Blackfriars, Cafe Mao (for food, again!), Del Monica’s to catch up with everyone else even though they weren’t there, Polo Lounge then Arte.

A few Guinness (one for Peter), some Miller, Carlsberg, Southern Comfort… ooyyyyy. At least there were no champagne cocktails this time.

Ohh and of course I pulled, in the Polo Lounge. He wasn’t really my type though…

Two observations:
1. Isn’t the dawn lovely.
2. It’s very bright today.

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Found a nice website (which covers more than just Glasgow pubs), and I must be trendier than I thought. Out of the 8 bars listed for Glasgow, I’ve been into 4 of them! Bar-ce-lona, Bargo, Spy Bar, and The Corinthian. In fact I know the ex-bar manager of Bargo, now manager at Del Monica’s (hi Alan!).

A guide to the best bars in Glasgow. Yes I’m busy, busy, busy at work on a Friday afternoon. Or something …

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