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The year is 2009. The day is less than 20 hours old and I’m pondering.

Shall I try and post EVERY SINGLE DAY? (madness!).

Shall I run a “T-Shirt off my back” competition (in tribute to Troubled Diva, of course).

Or shall I simply switch this to my tumblr feed and let the twitters, delicious linkage, last.fm tracks, photos and random blog posts become the main focus? (or, perhaps, that would be something for gordonmclean.co.uk.. aha! an idea is forming!).

And if I do decide to post EVERY SINGLE DAY, does it matter if most of them are, like this, complete, waffling, filler?

Hmmmm, I ponder.


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ON THIS DAY in 1973, I was born. Thankfully the midwife didn’t run screaming from the room, or so I’m told.

Three years ago I said this.

Two years ago I was too ill to mention it.

Last year I tore some ligaments in my ankle.

Today I will be getting the cast removed. Choosing a halloween costume. Lunching with parents. Watching the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Checking in to a posh hotel. Having dinner in the posh hotels restaurant. Retiring to the room for… my present…

Saturday night some friends are over for a drink or fifteen.

Sunday I’ll be recovering.

So I’ll see you Monday, have a good weekend!

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Dammit. I missed GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!. I wouldn’t normally mind but it’s easily one of my fav comedies. Bill Murray is a genius.

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