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Some recent google seaches, and yes I’m fully aware that listing them here, will only perpetuate their continued appearance on my site.

“something nice to look at” – hope they weren’t disappointed
“world.cup conspiracy mafia” – obviously didn’t work as Italy are out!
“something fun on Friday night” – well it has been known
“pics of kylie’s bum” – if you find any let me know!
“something” – You found it, well done!!!
“mp3 download sugababes run for cover” – Nope sorry
“Spanking Schoolkids Pics” – ewww – go away and never come back.
“chimpanzee pics humor funny” – what like the old PG Tips adverts?
“Kylie’s bum photos” – I see a theme developing here…
“LAKERS 3-peat pictures” – GO LAKERS!!! But sorry no pics..
“animated gif, sopranos” – Hmmm odd one this, the TV series or Pavarotti
“jamiroquai video love fool download” – Nope sorry
“kirsty gallacher and photos and Daily Sport” – As if the lovely Ms.Gallacher would lower herself to the Daily Sport!
“”David Gallagher” in Underwear” – ehhh worrying to say the least
“horny kirsty gallacher” – ohh right I get it now…
“illegal mp3 download “after dark” free” – no, no and no. I think.
“David Gallagher pics” – who is this man?

So, in the hopes of continued bizarre search results (and cos I like to screw with things like this):
Naked Kylie pics porn MP3 illegal spanking sopranos kirsty gallacher animated horny sugababes mafia conspiracy something video fool download free dark after David Gallagher Lakers.

Right that should do it (notice how I didn’t add anything more obvious like boobies, custard, money, news, or any further mentions of porn… ohh crap…).

P.S. That’s also the second time I’ve used ‘whore’ today (yeah yeah, now it’s the third…).


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