Card Shark

Reading time: < 1 min Finally a card game I may actually be able to play. I think it sounds more complicated than it really is, and relies wholly on the players not being too combatitive in their approach, with a silly side probably compulsory (people who moan that “well that’s just silly” shouldn’t play methinks…) 1000 Blank Cards – […]

David Blaine

Reading time: < 1 min “…since he began his feet on Friday night.” A passing mention to someone I used to admire and now think has gone a little too far. The real queston is, what has be began.. on his feet? with his feet? between or under his feet? I’m confused now…

Is it magic?

Reading time: 2 mins No it’s not. And David Blaine doesn’t claim otherwise. However the amount of attention that has been lavished on him for this stunt is slightly baffling. Similar stunts were popular in the 20s, and the saint San Simeon’s time living on a pillar, is well documented. But why the hype now? Are we really that […]