Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

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The varied pace of life has, once again, caught me off guard. From a fairly slow, languid week last week (not without its moments mind you), the past few days have been a helter skelter rush of getting things done. Mockups for a new website were sent off, designs for another were started, and requirements…

Good Customer Service

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Regular readers will be aware that we’ve recently had a new kitchen installed, and that we had some delays in that process. We sent off a letter of complaint asking for compensation for having spent over 4 weeks without a kitchen (the room was completely bare, back to floorboards and brick). Last night we received…


A letter of complaint

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I’ll probably re-visit this post later, but I’ll post it as is for the moment. I’ve been an Orange customer, on and off for over ten years (the longest I spent away from them was for one year). I’ve always been happy with the tariffs and offers, less so with the reception but it’s never…