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Biscuits, originally uploaded by Gordon.

Thanks to all who voted, as it stands the humble Custard Cream is out in front, but you can change that!

Ohh and the photo here does not include the Ginger Snap as, it seems, they have been discontinued! Ohh noes!

Custard Cream or Bourbon? Digestive or Hobnob? With this being the internet there is, of course, a website dedicated to this topic.

In the office we, on a somewhat random basis, get free biscuits. It’s a limited selection and, as I work with a large number of people who aren’t that long out of university, the supply doesn’t last long. The biscuits come in mini-packs of three, unfortunately not mixed but three of the same kind.

We have the choice of Bourbon Creams, Custard Creams, Shortbread, Ginger Snaps, Digestives and (as we recently changed supplier), Jam Rings!

Whilst I’m partial to a Custard Cream, I am trying to watch what I eat and really don’t want three biscuits with a cup of coffee. Yes yes, I could eat them over the course of a few days but then you are faced with the prospect of having an opened pack of biscuits sitting on your desk, staring at you all day, demanding to be eaten, begging to be put out of their misery! The humanity!

So, of course, if I do take a packet of biscuits I eat all three. I am not a monster.

Like everything in life there is a hierarchy at play, and whilst you can argue about which biscuit is at the top of the pile (Custard Creams if you ask me!) there is no doubt that the lowly digestive is at the bottom of the.. er.. food chain.

Or is it? Time for a vote!