A stop/start weekend. Saturday saw us heading into Hamilton for some more supplies for Louise, a quick jaunt out to MacArthur Glen shopping outlet (more supplies for Louise) and then racing through to Dumbarton in an effort to beat the traffic that was sure to build up for the Cup Final on… um… Sunday. Thankfully my parents had also thought the Cup Final was on Saturday so I was glad it wasn’t just me… or I was slightly disturbed that I’ve started thinking a little TOO much like my parents… jury is still out on that one.

We caught up with my sister-in-law in the evening. She’s recently decided to put her university course on hold and it was good to see her looking stress-free and relaxed. She hates when I say stuff like this but I still have no idea how she manages to bring up four children (on her own), hold down a part-time job AND study and work for a degree. I admire her more than she realises, and certainly far more than I can express.

Needless to say with everything that has happened in our family over the past six months or so (only the major one was reported here) she was at the end of her tether. Thankfully the university administrators gave her the option of coming back next January to continue her course.

Sunday and whilst I flitted between computer and TV, Louise pushed on with the wedding invitations she has been making and has the bulk of the work completed. Photos will follow (for her site).

So, with another good Grand Prix passed, the week looms large and busy. I have one site to finish, another to wireframe, and all that Scottish Blogs stuff to look at (which I’ll admit has been pushed on the back burner for the time being). All I can say is, roll on April!


A quick word on the Commonwealth Games. I’m not following them in great detail, but I did note that Scotland won another couple of gold medals yesterday, and the Isle of Man won their first gold for 20 years. Bravo indeed.

I also have to mention the rugby. Congratulations to France, and well done Ireland for a thrilling win over England. To all my english readers, yes he DID step on the line, yes Cohen DID NOT step onto the field of play when he took the quick throw-in to himself but that isn’t why you finished so low in the table. Crying about it won’t change that fact.

And so, in closing, I’ll say “Congratulations” to the English ladies team who won their Six Nations tournament. Of course, it would be churlish of me to suggest that they probably wouldn’t have been mentioned on BBC Breakfast News this morning had the men’s team won… right?


Friday evening is lost in a blur of Guinness and conversations about “tromboning” and generic viagra. So I’ll move swiftly on to Saturday.

Keith stayed with us on Friday night so a leisurely morning, followed by a discussion about his new website (what he wants in it), and then we headed into Glasgow. Couple of beers in a pub full of people watching the Scottish Cup Final, mainly Celtic fans, and once Stuart and Mo had caught up with us we headed to the cinema. I stand by my original verdict about Revenge of the Sith – great story, badly told – and that view was shared by all of us. More beer, then the big mistake of the evening. Food.

Don’t get me wrong, the food was great. We had went for a curry in Modern India, it was about 9pm before we ate though so, despite the best intentions I think we all knew that the night would be shortlived. We staggered onto the Corinthian, had a drink there and gave up. Knackered, sleepy and yawning we headed home. It was a good day though, with plenty of excellent photo opportunities. Thanks again to everyone for their advice, I just wish I’d remembered to take my camera…

Yesterday we tackled some bits and bobs in the garden, my Mum and Dad popped in for coffee and we dozed the night away catching up on Desperate Housewives, House and then 24.

How was your weekend?

bookmark_borderWhat? Eh? Ohhh fine…

Bit blurry today, helped neither by the clocks changing nor the two bottles of wine last night. Still a quiet day planned, helped largely by the fact that our phoneline is dead (engineer out on Monday). So that leaves today free to… bugger.. do some work. Mind you, the wireless connection and the laptop mean I can do it from the comfort of the sofa (where this very post comes to you from) and have, currently, the Woman’s Premier League Cup Final on, although I’ll be switching over in about 30 secs for the Old Firm game, and probably watch Arsenal take apart Man Utd. later on.

Ohh and there are emails to deal with including two (well one was a comment) from friends of my parents, all prompted by my 1000 words entry, not to mention a hazy memory of agreeing to do a 12 mile walk for charity sometime in June. This falls nicely into place as just yesterday Louise and I were talking about doing more, getting fit, losing weight… all that stuff. For me this means exercise. This time last year I was playing football twice a week, the occasional game of basketball and even going to the gym now and again. Since breaking my foot late last year I’ve done precisely nothing to improve my fitness. Embarassingly I find myself out of breath just nipping up a flight of stairs. I’ve never been this unfit in my life and I’ve had enough.

I know all the ‘tricks’, take the stairs, get off the train one stop early, stop eating an entire pack of Jaffa cakes by yourself.. common sense stuff. I’ve considered Yoga (my flexibility is awful), jogging (not until I lose some weight), and will start by doing situps, pressups, and all that stuff you used to do at school. What I need is a cheap (free) home based exercise routine. Suggestions?

(Yes, I know I said I’d stop asking for suggestions but what can I say, I’ve been so impressed with your responses recently I thought I’d try with this – if nothing else it could be fun finding out just how fit us bloggers are… no?)

bookmark_borderHad enough of the World Cup?

Why not check out the other final being played on the same day as the World Cup Final. Might be quite good to see this broadcast round the world, it would, I presume, give hope to millions of amateur football players, showing that pride and passion are just as much a part of the beautiful game as skill and technique.

It would also show that no matter how crap you are, you can still get on TV.. but it wouldn’t be very nice to say that, now would it?