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I read this post at “dive into mark” last night, and whilst it’s MT specific, the general point is valid across a lot, if not all, web applications.

Then I read, at Fembat that Six Apart has responded. Good for them I say. Until I read this:

“The single CPU usage statement was not intended to be in the license. It has been struck from the license, and everyone who has downloaded Movable Type 3.0 thus far can officially consider this change retroactive.”

I’m sorry? If it wasn’t intended to be there, then WHY WAS IT? Not the type of thing you miss really is it…

So again I ask, was this announcement rushed out as a reaction to Blogger’s revamp (and underlying refocussing of their product), or is this just a hugely unprofessional and basic mistake by Six Apart?

I’m not going to comment on this further, as I said before, I’ve tried an installation once, but don’t use Moveable Type anywhere so it’s a little unfair of me to chime in.

BUT – there are implications here, as Mark points out in his post, for EVERY web application. I WILL be commenting on that.

But not too much as I’ve been told that this place has been to serious recently… or something like that… to which I say WIBBLE!

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So you wanna see my desktop then?

If you can make it out on this resized screenshot – you’ll spot that I’ve got a different XP Style running. Rob mentioned StyleXP in a comment, which will let you do this and a lot more, but I didn’t like the 2MB (!!) overhead, and found a nice little patch that let’s you load other XP Styles without an application.

Next up, the text on the left hand side has the time and date, current CPU usage, RAM usage, number of processes running, internet traffic (up and down, handy if I was, say, running eMule or something..), IP address, Uptime, Last restart time and date and the wee bars at the bottom of the chunk show my hard drive partitions and their status – provided by a Samurize configuration.

Top-right, that black square is the cover of the currently playing track in iTunes (Jay-Z’s Black Album at the moment) – provided by a Samurize script.

Along the bottom is the aforementioned Y’z Dock – it’s a way of replicating the Mac bar thingy, and was so Mac like Apple told the guy who developed it to ‘cease and desist’ – as I mentioned, you can still download it in a few places, didn’t take me long to find it, but it is no longer being developed.

That’s it really. There are several custom icons used to mark specific folders – e.g. for all my photos – but not much else going on. I’m a bit of geek (yes, really) and find it all fascinating. I’ve been running all this stuff for months and not had a single crash although, as with most PC software YMMV. Next up, that box of mine and Knoppix I reckon.

Click for 1280 x 1024 screenshot (~250kb)

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