An open letter

Reading time: < 1 min Dear sitcom writers, I’m getting a little fedup watching endless repeats of Friends and Frasier, and whilst Everybody Loves Raymond has some funny moments it’s a little sub-standard. Of course I’m quite content to fill my time with QI, and the like but ultimately I miss watching a good sitcom. I’ve tried most, few are […]

Blogs are rubbish

Reading time: < 1 min I do not watch Coronation Street. I do not knit. I do not collect stamps. I do not spot trains. I do not attend football matches. I do not spend afternoons shopping. I do not go to the opera. I do not do crosswords. All of those things, and many many more, baffle me. Why […]


Reading time: 2 mins I was going to write about sleep patterns as mine seem to have shifted, but someone’s done it already. I was going to write about the History of Mother’s Day, but someone’s done it already. So, instead I’ll write about the past couple of days. Saturday morning didn’t start too well. I woke with a […]