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Dear sitcom writers,

I’m getting a little fedup watching endless repeats of Friends and Frasier, and whilst Everybody Loves Raymond has some funny moments it’s a little sub-standard. Of course I’m quite content to fill my time with QI, and the like but ultimately I miss watching a good sitcom. I’ve tried most, few are palatable.

I’ll happily admit that I’m quite a fussy TV watcher (which is why I’m currently trying out things like The Wire) easily ditching bog-standard TV fare for a good (or bad) movie or live sport, after which you lose me to gaming, books or other non-TV activities. You seem to be aware you are losing this battle but you aren’t really putting up much of a fight, are you?

Yes, I know those writer people are on strike, but this has been going on for a while now. Lost, Desperate Housewives filled the void for a while but lack longevity, and Heroes is a completely different kettle of fish so don’t even start me on that.

I quite like a good sitcom, and their popularity suggests that others do as well (mind you, that also suggests that Coronation Street has some value.. hmmm) so, when you get a moment, could you please resurrect the concept and write a decent one, please!

Yours hopefully,

Gordon McLean

(And to my readers, ARE there any reasonable sitcoms out there? Am I missing out?)


I do not watch Coronation Street.
I do not knit.
I do not collect stamps.
I do not spot trains.
I do not attend football matches.
I do not spend afternoons shopping.
I do not go to the opera.
I do not do crosswords.

All of those things, and many many more, baffle me. Why do you do it? What is the compulsion, what drives you to repeat the activity time and time again? It’s kind of odd, isn’t it? Yes I realise we all must have our little hobbies, our “down time” during which we can indulge and relax. But surely your time would be better spent doing something else?

Me? I blog.

This post is in direct response to a recently overheard comment about blogs which suggested they should follow a “write once, read never” methodology.


I was going to write about sleep patterns as mine seem to have shifted, but someone’s done it already.

I was going to write about the History of Mother’s Day, but someone’s done it already.

So, instead I’ll write about the past couple of days.

Saturday morning didn’t start too well. I woke with a thumping headache and thought I was in for another migraine but thankfully a couple of painkillers put paid to that. Not that we had much planned but I really didn’t want to spend the day lying in a darkened room, trying not to throw up. And no, it wasn’t alcohol related.

Ohh and whilst I remember, I get a headache most Saturday mornings without fail, any ideas? I reckon it’s because I sleep longer and it’s related to my sleeping position.

The past few days have been slightly disjointed. I sit at a computer each day, and despite my best efforts to distract myself (book list anyone?) I end up sitting at a computer in the evening as well. In a similar fashion Louise has been working hard in the evenings, more on that later, so we both decided that on Saturday night we’d unplug and spend sometime with each other.

Unfortunately we chose to watch the remake of the Italian Job but that wasn’t really the point (lightly amusing but woeful script and delivery). Mind you, in retrospect, it was almost the perfect movie as it required absolutely no brain power at all, the perfect “switch off” movie perhaps?

And yesterday was Mother’s Day. We visited my Gran, who is still strong in mind even if her body is failing her, and met my family there. They came back for dinner and drinks and I even allowed my Mum to watch Coronation Street on my TV. Doesn’t happen often!! 😉

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