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Thank you ALL for responding so generously over the past couple of days. It’s been fun for me, and I hope not TOO boring for you.

I’ve got a few ‘action items’ from it, least of all the comment form order thingy, but mostly I’m just happy that YOU seem quite happy coming here. Putting aside the “I do this for me” ethic of blogging there is an amount of satisfaction to be taken from “doing it for others”… and I’ll leave that statement dangling for you to add your own double entendre.


A quick word of thanks to Lyle who has, again, helped me with a small coding issue for the new “post of the week” site. I’m hoping to get it finished by the first week in April or so, along with another bit of work for a project that I can’t mention (yet). Hopefully that’ll free me up for a third bit of design work for a certain blogger. We do like to keep busy.

The backdrop for next week is mainly long long hours in the office. It’s the ‘final week’, pressure is on and so we all settle in for the long haul, hoping that getting ‘free’ pizza will be enough to maintain morale. It doesn’t. And it’s not free anyway… stop stop, I don’t blog about work..


It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and I know my Mum understands that this particular year will be a hard one for Louise and that I’ll need to be there for her. Louise has been up and down in the past few months as we plow through a series of ‘firsts’ — first Xmas and New Year, first time seeing her Dad again, first time back in the flat in Spain, first time Crufts has been on (my in-laws bred Golden Retrievers for a few years) — and there are many more to come. None of them getting any easier.

On Saturday we are going to visit my Mum, give her a great big cuddle and tell her that I love her, and then on Sunday, weather permitting, we will be joining Louise’s brother and sister (and probably a couple of nieces and nephews) for a walk round Cashel Forest where we have a tree dedicated to Grace.

It’s odd. I’ve hardly mentioned Grace’s passing on here, obviously still too raw, or too personal. She is so very sorely missed.

Actually, I know why I’ve not mentioned it. It’s hard to type with tears streaming down your face.


Wrote the above late last night, tired, emotional and drained. Wrote the following this morning.


Friday at last, a quick week that has left some things unmentioned; Only a few days until the smoking ban kicks in for which I’m mainly glad I won’t stink of smoke after a night out.

Having discussed 4x4s before I’ll just say that the Chancellor isn’t fooling anyone as the people who can afford these big inefficient cars can afford the hike in tax and that I’m not against 4x4s but “gas guzzlers” (but do think some people have 4x4s for the wrong reasons).

And finally, what a refreshing change to hear a politician talk sense. The First Minister (“Big Jack”) was quoted in this mornings Metro as saying that “whilst Flower of Scotland was a good anthem at a rugby match, stirring the fans and inspiring the players… Scotland the Brave is a better choice for things like the Commonwealth Games as it’s largely the tune that is important in those occasions”. Spot on. He also states that we DO need a common national anthem, and I wholeheartedly agree, ohh and, while we’re at it, can we get one to give to England please. They seem to think “God Save ‘Our’ Queen”[sic] belongs to them… quite frankly they can have her if the rest of us can stop singing that drearily awful song.

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A stop/start weekend. Saturday saw us heading into Hamilton for some more supplies for Louise, a quick jaunt out to MacArthur Glen shopping outlet (more supplies for Louise) and then racing through to Dumbarton in an effort to beat the traffic that was sure to build up for the Cup Final on… um… Sunday. Thankfully my parents had also thought the Cup Final was on Saturday so I was glad it wasn’t just me… or I was slightly disturbed that I’ve started thinking a little TOO much like my parents… jury is still out on that one.

We caught up with my sister-in-law in the evening. She’s recently decided to put her university course on hold and it was good to see her looking stress-free and relaxed. She hates when I say stuff like this but I still have no idea how she manages to bring up four children (on her own), hold down a part-time job AND study and work for a degree. I admire her more than she realises, and certainly far more than I can express.

Needless to say with everything that has happened in our family over the past six months or so (only the major one was reported here) she was at the end of her tether. Thankfully the university administrators gave her the option of coming back next January to continue her course.

Sunday and whilst I flitted between computer and TV, Louise pushed on with the wedding invitations she has been making and has the bulk of the work completed. Photos will follow (for her site).

So, with another good Grand Prix passed, the week looms large and busy. I have one site to finish, another to wireframe, and all that Scottish Blogs stuff to look at (which I’ll admit has been pushed on the back burner for the time being). All I can say is, roll on April!


A quick word on the Commonwealth Games. I’m not following them in great detail, but I did note that Scotland won another couple of gold medals yesterday, and the Isle of Man won their first gold for 20 years. Bravo indeed.

I also have to mention the rugby. Congratulations to France, and well done Ireland for a thrilling win over England. To all my english readers, yes he DID step on the line, yes Cohen DID NOT step onto the field of play when he took the quick throw-in to himself but that isn’t why you finished so low in the table. Crying about it won’t change that fact.

And so, in closing, I’ll say “Congratulations” to the English ladies team who won their Six Nations tournament. Of course, it would be churlish of me to suggest that they probably wouldn’t have been mentioned on BBC Breakfast News this morning had the men’s team won… right?


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A whizz through the weekend, if you will.

Saturday, shopping in the smir, haar, or whatever kind of rain it was (it was the misty kind that you don’t really notice until you are soaked through). Saturday night, a pleasant suprise, we were attending a 40th Birthday party of a friend, one of those “we’d better go for a while” nights, and were happy to be there when the birthday ‘boy’ announced that he and his girlfriend were now man and wife. Hurrah! They had kept it secret from almost all of their family too. A wonderful night ensued.

Sunday, working in the garden. Slightly sunburnt. Tried to catch some more of the Commonwealth Games, and noted that BBC’s interactive service is built on some form of HTML. The giveaway? & amp; appearing on screen.

And finally this morning, a new arrival in our garden. A greater spotted woodpecker joined the throngs of blue tits, the great tit, coal tit, dunnock, magpies, wood pigeons, ohhh yes the fox and the squirrel. Quite the growing menagerie.


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Every Friday I take a few moments of my day to contemplate what we will be doing over the weekend. As we live in Scotland I have to temper every possibility with a fallback.

We could go and visit Chatelherault Country Park, or I could finish wiring up the under unit lights in the kitchen.

We could head through to Edinburgh and catch the atmosphere of the Festival, or we could attempt to clear some junk from the attic.

We could even stay home and tackle clearing out the back of the garage, and a couple of other gardening type tasks, or we could stay in, read books (picked up another Ellroy yesterday), and watch the closing days of the Commonwealth Games.

Ohh the irony, as I am typing it has just started raining.

Indoor DIY it is then, maybe we will get out on Sunday.


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What a weird day. Weird in that not much has happened, so I’ve got very little to say. As for links, well it’d only be stuff about the news over the weekend, and two events from the Commonwealth Games that caught my eye (the marathon runner who, as he won the race, didn’t realise he was finished and did another lap of the track, and the long jump athlete who didn’t qualify for the final and barely made it into the pit).

I’m updating the Visit page at the moment, so if you have any clever ideas let me know.

That’s all for now.

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