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Is it November yet?
OK, I’m being greedy. I should really just be happy that I’ve only got until May 15th to catch The Matrix:Reloaded, whereas the final installment (Revolutions) isn’t out until November 7th, but when you hear snippets of info like this: “Producer Joel Silver said there is one 17-minute sequence in Revolutions that cost two-thirds of the budget of the original Matrix picture (which cost $65 million.)” it certainly makes you sit up and think… just hope the release dates are global and not U.S.!

More info at Coming Attractions.

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Coming Attractions.

Go there (above link) go to the A.I. page (Steven Speilbergs upcoming film) and go to the discussion forum. Check out the ‘Official easter egg website mystery’ discussion.

Amazing stuff…. I’m lost in it at the moment and could be in there for some time I think…

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