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UPDATE: The deadline has been pulled FORWARD. You have until 6pm on Tuesday 13th March (that’s tonight!)

How tardy of me.

At some point, deep in the midst of my brain-melting week, I received an email from mike. Mike had had a big idea. That, in itself, is nothing new. Mike has big ideas all the time and, largely, puts every other blogger, that has ever existed, now and before, to shame.

I really must learn to punctuate, the previous sentences contains too many commas and that can’t be good for you…

The big idea, in aid of Comic Relief, is detailed on mike’s site:

What I’m proposing is to assemble and publish – in the space of just seven days – a paperback anthology of blog writing, that can be sold to raise funds for the charity.

The book will be called Shaggy Blog Stories: a collection of amusing tales from the UK blogosphere.


So, if you is a person wot blogs, and you have writed a funny post, no matter how long ago, then let mike know.

All the details are on his site, and uptake looks good so far, but it could be better!!

Me? I don’t do funny that often, so I’m hoping a suggested practical joke will suffice…

Anyway, don’t just sit there. Head over to Troubled Diva and see what all the fuss is about.


By a rather odd memory lapse, despite having been keeping tabs on Troubled Diva’s Comic Relief Blogger’s Disco (which will be VERY popular having now been linked from the Observer Blog), Red Nose Day has kinda snuck up on me.

It has snuck up on Louise as well, as evidenced by her response to the usual Friday morning question of
“what are we doing tonight?”
“Well Comic Relief is on, you don’t want to watch it, do you?”
“Oh crap, I’d forgotten!”

I should pause at this juncture and point out that it was my beloved wife who suggested Disco Inferno for the aforementioned Blogger’s Disco, just so the record is straight. I digress.

What’ll actually happen tonight is that we’ll open a bottle of wine, or two, and watch some of the hilarity unfold. Under duress of course, I mean it’s just NOT the done thing to have all this goodwill and charity shoved down our throats, is it?

Mind you, and maybe it’s just me, but there is a distinct lack of “red events” going on today. Not a thing to be seen whilst wandering to get my lunch, nor on the train this morning, .. bar two ladies with red highlights, hardly the comedy highlight of the day (that honour goes to a co-worker who.. well it was a whole left hand, right hand mix up, long story).

In saying that, it is worth remembering that it’s all for charity. So don’t let the enforced humour stop you from donating. Hey, if anything tonight manages to top Lee Evans in the recent Tsunami Comic Aid gig, then they’ll have earned their donation money.

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The Scottish Psyche
If you were to come across two clowns in your nearby sandwich shop on a Friday lunchtime would you:
a. Laugh and ask them what they were doing
b. Nudge your friend, point at them and giggle
c. Treat them like an everday occurance.

If you are Scottish (British?) you will have answered C.

It’s just as well I know it’s Comic Relief Day or I would’ve been slightly worried.

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Friday at last
Been a long week for me, and already I can see my weekend shrinking (mainly cos I forgot about the family lunch thing on Sunday).

Today is cake day = good
Today is our PS footie tournament after work = good (although I’m short of practise)
Today is Comic Relief Day = good for others (remember to visit Mike and leave him a comment (he only needs a few more to get the target of 235!)

Ohh and not only did I not make it to the gym last night, the pub quiz was cancelled because of the Celtic vs. Liverpool game, which I should’ve guessed to be honest, all of which leaves me with a weekend that looks like this:

  • Clear out bathroom cupboard
  • Clear out understair cupboard
  • Get new shower fitted (at last!)
  • Get haircut
  • Go to gym
  • Paint bedroom
  • Re-format old PC
  • Tidy office and shuffle desk
  • Sunday – go for family lunch (at Duck Bay Marina on Loch Lomond)

I might need a sugar fix to get through the weekend, so I’m off to get me some cherry lips pear drops ohhh I just can’t decide….

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Comic Relief
Comic Relief day tomorrow and Mike has a challenge for us: if he gets 235 comments by midnight tomorrow he will donate £100 to Comic Relief. So what are you waiting for, leave your comments here and make sure you spread the word. Note: 5 comments per user max.

And yes eagle eyed readers will spot that I should either be at the gym or at a pub quiz. Well I only got home about 20 minutes ago and the pub quiz starts at 8:30pm so I don’t have enough time to get to the gym. Guess it’ll be a double stint at the weekend..

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