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The Scottish Psyche
If you were to come across two clowns in your nearby sandwich shop on a Friday lunchtime would you:
a. Laugh and ask them what they were doing
b. Nudge your friend, point at them and giggle
c. Treat them like an everday occurance.

If you are Scottish (British?) you will have answered C.

It’s just as well I know it’s Comic Relief Day or I would’ve been slightly worried.

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Friday at last
Been a long week for me, and already I can see my weekend shrinking (mainly cos I forgot about the family lunch thing on Sunday).

Today is cake day = good
Today is our PS footie tournament after work = good (although I’m short of practise)
Today is Comic Relief Day = good for others (remember to visit Mike and leave him a comment (he only needs a few more to get the target of 235!)

Ohh and not only did I not make it to the gym last night, the pub quiz was cancelled because of the Celtic vs. Liverpool game, which I should’ve guessed to be honest, all of which leaves me with a weekend that looks like this:

  • Clear out bathroom cupboard
  • Clear out understair cupboard
  • Get new shower fitted (at last!)
  • Get haircut
  • Go to gym
  • Paint bedroom
  • Re-format old PC
  • Tidy office and shuffle desk
  • Sunday – go for family lunch (at Duck Bay Marina on Loch Lomond)

I might need a sugar fix to get through the weekend, so I’m off to get me some cherry lips pear drops ohhh I just can’t decide….

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