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The last items have been bought – why do we always end up with stuff to buy on Christmas Eve? – bags are packed and ready to be loaded into the car, and in a few minutes we will begin our traditional Christmas Eve evening. Dinner, a bottle of wine or two and the Muppet’s Christmas Carol movie.

The last few days have been … well… emotional. My final day at McLaren was kinda sad, the Christmas night out was that funny mixture of almost delirious happiness with a huge undercurrent of melancholy. For a variety of reasons. Yesterday we visited my Gran, and it’s sad to think that, whilst she’ll be having Christmas dinner with her son and his family, she’ll spend Christmas night at the nursing home. I KNOW it’s the best place for her to be but.. well.. it’s just sad.

Still, the next couple of days will be the usual mixture of fun, family and frustrations. I’ll eat too much, drink too much and lose my temper (quietly of course) at least twice. I can’t wait! After all, isn’t that what Christmas is about? Being with your family, and everything that entails? Of course it is!

Well, regardless of how you are spending tomorrow, it’s worth while remembering that, in the grand scheme of things, it’s just another day. So, no matter how you choose to spend it, I hope it is a merry one.

P.S. Even if you DO get another hideous jumper, remember, somewhere there is a very cold sheep who wants her wool back!


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Blimey, where HAS this year gone? More specifically, what the hell happened to December? And more specifically still, why am I so busy over the next couple of weeks considering I finish work tomorrow!

A brief pause then whilst I consider what I need to get done… and what I should’ve done already.

First up the obvious stuff, Xmas wise, cards have been posted, presents are all bought and wrapped, cupboards are reasonably stocked with alcohol (to take to places and drink), biscuits and ‘stuff’ to have when people come to visit, and the Sky+ is programmed with.. well not much. It’s usually all dross at this time of year and I’d happily spend most of the coming weeks with the TV OFF. Or at the very least, watching nothing but old movies. And yes, It’s a Wonderful Life still makes me cry..

Once we get the festivities of the season out of the way I’ve got an old site to finish off, a new site to start, and this place is due for a spruce up as well. I’ve still got some questions to answer but they’re written up and ready to post and will be done by the end of the year, I promise. And, of course, there will be books and gadgets and stuff to play with as well.

Ohh and I’m trying to keep the running going too, with rumours of an early evening run on Christmas Eve and quite probably a few extra ones jammed into my days off. I doubt I’ll get much chance during the first couple of weeks in January though, but we’ll see how it goes.

Did you know that George (Asda clothing department) is selling suits for £50? I’m sorely tempted as my current suit, which wasn’t a cheap one, is now kinda hanging off me. A stop gap suit to get me through the next couple of months is all I need, and as it’ll not get more than a couple of outings I’m loathed to spend too much. I’d better get my finger out though, I need it for tomorrow night… more on that tomorrow.

I’m still considering posting my “Best of 2006” lists but, frankly, I’m not sure I can be bothered. We’ll see, it might end up being a “highlights of 2006” list instead… or it might not happen at all.

Right, stuff to do, people to see, etc etc.

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We have a lot of stuff in our house. A lot of stuff we don’t need, don’t use and if we are honest, we never needed in the first place.

When we lived down south my salary took a large hike, and despite losing my job at Dr. Solomon’s I managed to receive a nice large cheque thanks to a last minute, Christmas Eve, phone call to inform me that our shares had just flipped over to a sellable price (before they were withdrawn from the market to be converted to McAfee, or something, I forget). We were young, enjoying life and now had a large cash fund. So we put it away safely in a bank account and invested it wisely, well that’s what we SHOULD have done.

Instead we burned our way through it, buying all sorts of stuff. Looking back it was probably more symptomatic of the fact that I was losing touch a little, but regardless we had a whale of a time. And yes, we’re still paying for it now, 6 years later, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

Towards the end of our time in Aylesbury and the subsequent move back to Scotland we stacked up a few house moves to rented accomodation. To minimise the hassle, everytime we moved we went through the boxes and boxes of our stuff and ditched what we really didn’t use. Frequently, however, we would be able to find a reason to keep various bits and bobs, things which still clutter our house to this day. We did throw a lot of stuff out (via Oxfam or similar usually) but we also kept a lot of things for the wrong reasons.

So, in a first step towards a complete de-clutter, we are attending a car boot sale on Sunday. We’ve already looked out a lot of odds and sods, and tomorrow night we will be going through our video library. I shudder to think how much money we spent on them, even if most were bought as part of 3 for £ 10 offer. We have an entire bookcase stacked, double depth, with videos. I reckon we’ll take 100 or so with us on Sunday and see how it goes.

Of course, if I’m honest, that list of stuff does include things we’ve received as presents, things that have been gathering dust atop bookshelves, or that have a permanent residence in the loft. None of it holds any sentimental value, and all of was appreciated at the time but tastes and fashions change, leaving these items stuck outside of our “sphere of desirability”. To that end I’ll put out a short plea: Can all family and friends please STAY AWAY from Hamilton on Sunday. You know, just in case… (we have left a window of several years from the date we received a gift so rest assured it’s nothing recent… that doesn’t help though, does it…)

Ohh and the main reason for attending the car boot sale is more to do with a new venture I’ve hinted at here, but more on that later (next week probably).

Personal Musings

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OK, so the Christmas party was quite good. Admittedly that MAY have had something to do with the tequila. The meal was OK, the band were excellent, and I was “shakin my thang” with the best of them. Spent most of the evening dancing with lovely ladies who, thankfully, know what I’m like so I won’t need to hide my face in work on Monday morning. Unlike Susan, the tequila queen, who even managed to nick a present from under the Hilton’s Christmas tree. She was MOST miffed when she found out it was empty.

Yesterday was spent watching movies. You can tell it’s getting close to Christmas as they pull out all the old classics. The highlight, though, was a Hitchcock documentary. Today we ventured out for some grocery shopping and then headed back home to escape the madness. All in all a quiet weekend. Which is probably just as well as this time next week I’ll STILL be eating and drinking and making merry, but this time no tequila.

Speaking of next week, tomorrow I’ve got the Kings of Leon gig, Wednesday we get paid (early) so I suppose I’d better buy Louise something… and with both of us working on Christmas Eve we’ve already started planning what to wear, and packing bits and bobs in preparation. This’ll be the first Christmas with our smaller car as well, and I’m still trying to figure out how we’ll get everything in.

Anyway, I can smell some freshly baked shortbread coming out of the oven. Time for a large glass of milk!

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Apologies for it being a little slow around here, I may also be missing from your comments boxes for the next few days, because:

  • (Side) Project X is finishing up – cue last minute rush (no link as it’s a secret.. sshhhhh)
  • Heating is slowly giving up the ghost again, radiators getting colder in proportion to the weather, will need to phone an engineer soon (once I’ve been paid for the above work)
  • Site hosts screwing my account (still to be properly sorted – see below)
  • My full-time job (I really must get rid of it, it keeps getting in the way)
  • Return of the King tomorrow night.
  • Work Christmas ‘do’ on Thursday night (here again, was good last year)
  • Finish Christmas shopping on Friday (hahahaha.. more like ‘recover from hangover’)
  • Start re-design of myowncdrom (you didn’t think I’d leave it like that, did you?)
  • Carols by Candelight on Monday night


Looking forward to Christmas Day this year especially as I’ll be working on Christmas Eve, which doesn’t feel right at all.

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The calm before the storm? It’s Christmas Eve and we’re in that funny period between the build-up and the day itself. Quiet anticipation.

Friday night, Xmas lunch at work, wine, beer, dancing… top night! Mind you it always ends the same way… kinda flat. Still managed to get some exclusive gossip, but won’t be able to get more info until I get back to work…

Still trying to remember why I have a bite mark on my leg…


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