Reading time: 2 mins Last night we went to see the latest movie from Pixar.. er.. Disney.. er Pixney… Disnar? Whatever.. it’s a Pixar movie through and through. We chose to see the version being shown in 3D (Real-D as per copyrighted technology) and all in all it was an excellent movie with a silly story underpinned by some […]

Shhhh, can you hear Santa?

Reading time: < 1 min It’s Christmas Eve which means it’s time for our traditional watching of the Muppets Christmas Carol, a few glasses of wine and possibly even a mincemeat pie*. I hope, whether you celebrate it or not, that you are having a peaceful time with you and yours, and I hope that Santa is good to you […]

Eyes closed

Reading time: 2 mins A soft coating of dust is not an usual sight in my home office. Every now and then it gets sufficiently bad that the naughty words and pictures drawn in it are a little too obvious and it’s time get the dusters and polish out from the cupboard under the sink, and spend a little […]

Almost there…

Reading time: < 1 min The last items have been bought – why do we always end up with stuff to buy on Christmas Eve? – bags are packed and ready to be loaded into the car, and in a few minutes we will begin our traditional Christmas Eve evening. Dinner, a bottle of wine or two and the Muppet’s […]