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Charlies Angels: Full Throttle

I remember seeing the first Charlies Angels featuring Diaz, Liu, and Barrymore but can’t remember much else about it. I fear that this movie will turn out the same, but don’t let that put you off. Offering no pretence that they are bothering to follow more than a whim of a plot, we follow the Angels through action scene after action scene, designer outfit change to designer outfit change, with the pace rightly associated with the directors previous vocation as a music video director. The action scenes are far fetched, the plot line, as I said, barely paid attention to, but who cares. A romp of a movie that never takes itself even slightly seriously, this is huge fun. Ohh and welcome back Demi Moore.


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My name is Gordon McLean, and I am a ‘net pirate’. OK, so I’m not the person that wrote the article. I’m lying. Sorry.

However, the main point of the article is true. Personally, despite having access to more tracks than I could ever hope to listen to in my life time, I STILL buy CDs. And there’s the rub.

If it’s a well known artist, and particularly if I own some of their previous work, I am more likely to part my some hard earned moolah than I would be on a CD of which I know little about and have only heard one or two tracks on MTV(2).

Now, give me the opportunity to buy those one or two tracks, at a reasonable price – 75p a track anyone? – and I’d probably happily spend the money. So the big artists aren’t getting hit, and the smaller artists stand a better chance of gaining higher exposure and earning more money.

Anyhoo, is this a good time to mention that Jann has prompted me into updating my Tune of Moment?

Why that track? It crops up on my random playlist quite a lot and always .. well… works. Ohh and it appears to be in the new Charlies Angels film as well…

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