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Here are a few thoughts that I should really expand into unique single posts but which currently lack the time or desire to do anything with.

Wimbledon is upon us. It’s a simple enough game, and that very simplicity does appeal to me and whilst watching Tim Henman finally beat Carlos Moya yesterday, I found myself wondering how it is possible that the dimensions of a tennis court, which as far as I know haven’t changed for … 60 years? More? … still seem to work.

The players, in general, are faster around the court, and hit the ball harder and faster as well. So how is it possible that the size of a tennis court seems ‘just right’ in the present day. It’s not too large, and not too small, yet the players and the technologies they have at their disposal SHOULD surely be making it seem that way?? I know there are limitations on the racquets and the balls used, but even then…

How is it possible that the size of a tennis court, decided many decades ago, is still right? It’s most perturbing.


Apparently we are all idiots. We must be. Why else would a blog post that suggests that a good way to be organised is to have “a place for everything” be deemed useful?

I have to wonder at just how badly the education systems are failing of we are now passing off common sense as ‘useful information’. Yes yes, I know, I know. Not everyone ‘has’ common sense, and sometimes reminders of simple things are good. But… come on. It doesn’t take much of a leap, does it? Or am I being an education snob (again)?


Being honest is very very hard. Often it may come across as being arrogant or uncaring, and I have to admit that I’ve been following the ‘hoo-haa’ surrounding Mike Arrington (of TechCrunch) with a weird mix of feelings. You can track back through what happened here, but it’s more the way that Mike approaches things which fascinates me.

As someone with a bit of a temper (ohh yes, I’m not always the mild-mannered janitor) reading how Mike reacts to things like this always produces a kind of car-crash effect. I LOATHE the way he handles things and, frankly, as a well educated adult he should learn to hold his tongue, and count to 10, before posting. BUT. That style has won him fans for being honest about things, and that part of his style I do secretly admire. If he thinks you’re an asshat, he’ll post “You are an asshat”. He won’t try and soften the blow, he won’t pussy foot around with scenarios or any form of disclaimer, he’ll say what he thinks right off the bat. If he’s wrong, he’ll admit that and patch things up.

Admirable? Partly.


Catching up on my TV viewing last night, in particular the Journey of Rock documentaries. Heavy Metal was first up last night and from that:

1. They stopped at Metallica, sometime around the mid to late nineties. Is that because there isn’t a dominant ‘metal’ group around at the moment, and if so, why is that? Vague side thoughts about the rise of the internet and the decrease reliance on the charts to find new music, so more bands get more ‘air time’ on more home stereos around the world?

2. Bruce Dickinson (of Iron Maiden fame) popped up to suggest that the reason their first hit single (Run to the Hills) was so popular was because it was the same as My Way by Frank Sinatra. OK, technically it’s because they both use rising sixths but it caught me off-guard a little to hear a Heavy Metal band talk about musical theory. No reason why they shouldn’t of course but.. still.

The second documentary charted “stadium rock” from Led Zeppelin to U2 and got me wondering… who will be the next big stadium rock band? If you remove the current ‘behemoths’ of U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and Green Day (grouped because they also get commerical radio behind them), and also take Radiohead out of the mix… who is left?

If anyone suggest Bon Jovi I’ll punch them in the elbow.


Merlin Mann over at 43 folders is getting fedup of all the hype surrounding the new Apple iPhone. I have to agree that it’s getting a little ridiculous, although all you need to do is step outside the Mac focussed websites and it all goes quiet….

In saying that, having watched the 20 minute demo video that Apple released.. well… it surely looks like a very good product. That in itself is quite something, leaping headlong into a huge marketplace, which already has some seriously big players in it, AND producing something that will rivial rival (beat?) most of them? Quite an achievement.

And the best quote as to WHY there is such a buzz (found via Daring Fireball) is this one from Michael Mulvey: “The iPhone is the floating car we imagined we’d be driving in the future.”

Which in turn reminds me of this Threadless t-shirt.

And I’ll stop there or I’ll never finish this post (because THAT T-shirt reminds me of this one, which takes me to Matt’s site and on to a video clip of an airplane landing at St.Martins and… on and on annndd onnnnnn).


Almost forgot. I love all my readers, sincerely I do. But please, PLEASE, I can’t vote for ALL of you in the Big Blogger house!!