Google Gadgets

Those nice people at Google have opened up their 'homepage gadgets' and you can now use them anywhere. Excellent, I could have the latest Scottish news headlines zipping across the page, or maybe a game of hangman for when I post something you find boring, or perhaps the phases of the moon just be all

Out with the old

Apparently, this site is one of 14.4 million other similar sites. Presumably, and I'm certain someone far smart than me will be able to formulate this better, of those 14.4 million, only a portion of them can be directly compared to this site. Of that portion, there will be other factors that will set my

Bugger it

Plagarism is a form of flattery (even if I can't be bothered creating three columns).THE BIG BROTHER BITBig Brother is getting a bit exciting. What? YES I watch it, get over it.I must admit that this series, whilst being considerably more watchable than last year's snooze-fest, is beginning to border on .. well I'm not

News just in...I DON'T CARE ABOUT PAUL BURRELL!!!!!And now back to your regularly scheduled programmes.