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Well that was a quick week. One down, many to go and so far it’s all good. I’m beginning to remember names, suss out the office culture (much quieter than my last place, which is good and bad in about equal measures) and I think I’ve got all the shortcuts on my commute sussed out.

There is one problem though, guilt.

You see I’ve gone from a train user to a car user (and a single person in a car to boot) in one fell swoop. Granted I’m driving a small diesel and public transport just isn’t an option, the quickest journey I could find involved 2 buses, 2 trains and takes around 3 hours for one leg of the journey. Sod that.

Car it is then, pumping out noxious fumes left, right and centre (not as many as most though, it’s almost in the lowest emissions category). I’m very conscious of it, and with that in my head I’m trying to cut down on my consumption elsewhere, turning lights off, not leaving the computer on all the time, and so on. Every little helps, hopefully.

Stormy weather

The gales on Thursday morning finally did for the broken fence panel, removing it from it’s fixings completely. It’s staying down for now which doesn’t look great but it’ll just have to wait as it’s probably going to be fairly expensive to fix. It never blows but it gusts.

Still, we’ve got a nice quiet weekend planned. We’re off to Cameron House Lodges to stay over on Saturday night, and we’re taking some friends with us. Will be nice to show them our ‘home turf’ (sort of).

I’ve got a Joanna Newsom concert on Sunday night, which features a symphonic orchestra so should be pretty fab, and if I get any free time I’ll continue tinkering here. I’m particularly perturbed by the “you don’t have permission to do that” messages, as well as the “connection to server reset” error which is really annoying. Not sure how to fix it, and Google-fu is failing me. So if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.