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I took a few days holiday last week (if you get the chance, go visit Budapest, it’s lovely) so here’s a little bit of catchup from the RSS feeds I monitor. You can download the list over on the right there. How Corporate RSS Supports Collaboration and Innovation Dennis McDonald pulls together some good arguments…

Bye Bye Blogrolling

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Despite their frequent emails over the past week —with each successive email featuring more and more exclamation marks to make the point “only one day left!!!!”— I’ve dropped my blogrolling subscription. Why? I’ll tell you why, I’m skint. No wait, that’s something else… The reason is simply that I don’t need their services anymore. I…

Bye Bye Big Blogger

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Ta ta Big Blogger, it was fun. Sort of… Yes I’ve jumped the fence and left the rest of the housemates to it, just too much going on and I can’t do it justice. If I’m honest it’s just all a bit too chaotic and random for me at the moment, but best of luck…