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It’s over six months since I moved into my flat, and it’s only now starting to feel like home.

For a while I was using the old sofa (old as in age, and as in ‘pre-divorce’) but I now have my own sofa and chairs. I have art on the walls, bookcases, lamps and, once I get a couple of plants and some curtain-like things it will really start to feel like mine.

Except it’s not mine, it’s rented. But aside from that… it’s mine. Right?

I’m still scouring shops for a coffee table, and think I might need a rug to really pull things together but I’m in no rush.

I’ve been reasonably smart with my purchases, determined not to buy things for the sake of it and to make sure that anything I buy now could fit somewhere else. My living room is huge, it was what attracted me to the flat, but I won’t be there forever so I need to keep that in mind and make sure the same furniture will squeeze into a smaller space.

Interestingly, it’s this very desire to keep things ‘small’ that has me, once again, pondering whether to ditch my home PC and get a laptop instead. Regardless of that decision, I need to get more storage space (new camera + shooting in RAW = rapidly filling hard drive) and so it seems sensible to get a network storage device first, and then I can make a decision on desktop vs laptop later.

Part of that thinking also found me clicking the BUY button and ordering a certain, well known, tablet computer. It’s called an iPad and, given that the bulk of my use of the computer is centred around consumption and social networking, it gives me a much more mobile system. My TV can handle media files so it will be interesting how my use of my desktop changes as it will mainly only REALLY be needed for doing website development work (something that could easily be done on a laptop, a nice Air-ey one perhaps?).

What has really surprised me is how much enjoyment I’ve taken from pulling together a room, but that’s maybe because I can’t change much in the kitchen, the bedroom only really needs some art on the walls as it’s not really got space for much other than the bed and some chests of drawers, and the spare room is, for now, a bit of a dumping ground. I have plans for the spare room too but I’m keen to keep it sparse, functional and not to rely on the space too much, again, when I move in the future, it might be somewhere smaller.

Turns out I’m quite house proud, and I’m really enjoying trawling shops (online and off) for decorations.

I really REALLY wish I’d bought that letterpress lamp base when I saw it though…


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Solstice. Apples. Metro. Empathy. Remix. Honey. PandoraFM. Rules. Castle.

I could go on of course. But I won’t. Too busy ya see. Funny how it comes in circles. One minute quiet. The next busy. Mustn’t complain though. Bad form if you do. Then what? Reputation erodes, interest dies. Not good. So always happy. Always accomodating. Too accomodating? Too eager to say yes? Too nice? Is that possible? I can’t start being nasty for the sake of it. Ohh am I developing morals? Or did I have them all along and didn’t realise. And if I had them all along, why didn’t someone tell me?

Rambling now, sorry. Better tomorrow when I have more time… except I won’t. Oh well. Nothing changes all the time. Everything constant never. Etc etc etc. What a waffling bore.

Hmmm too introspective? I appear to have lost that tiny thread of reality that I cling to, not really of course. I’m not MENTAL or anything. No need to commit me. Not yet. Wait a bit. Then we’ll see how much it takes to break the bough. The Optimists is what I’m reading, and I’m wondering what kind of effect it’s having on me.

Mind you, I’m almost finished it. So what next? Plenty unread on the shelves. MUST NOT BUY MORE…

MAN, what is IN this coffee??

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Christmas has passed. As has St. Valentine’s Day. Next up is Easter but I say we just cancel it this year. And every coming year as well. And not just Easter. Let’s be done with the lot of them.

Mother’s Day, out you go! Father’s Day, scrubbed from the calendar! Be Nice To The 17th Person You Meet Day, sorry you no longer exist!

There. That’s better, isn’t it. A calendar that is free from Halloween and St.Patrick, and the only reason to buy a card is if you still have friends that celebrate their birthdays – but that’s just SO last year that surely no-one still does THAT – or if people have the audacity to get married, have kids or leave a longtime job. Moving house can be tolerated but only if one HAS to and only then if the circumstances are such that there really is no other option.

So, that’s Hallmark out of business along with most of the other commercial entities that attach themselves to these ‘occasions’. There are no longer any occasions that can be commercially exploited (any of the minor ones that remain will soon die out as they rely on the guilt buying “they bought me one so I’d better buy them one back” ideology) and everyone is much happier.

That’s right, isn’t it? We’d all be much happier. Of course we would. Well, you’d think so at any rate, especially if you take into account the vicious outpourings that accompany such dates.

Christmas? It’s exploitation, commercialism gone mad, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!

St. Valentine’s? An excuse to over charge on flowers and restaurant prices. It’s not about love any more, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!

Honestly, I expect better, and frankly I’m getting bored with it. The vitriol and crap that spouts forth when these occasions swing round is astounding. Granted I’m no big fan of the way these calendar dates have been commercialised but they are only over-commercial IF YOU BUY INTO IT. The constant backlash is almost enough to transfer as sympathy for those poor unbought easter eggs on the supermarket shelves (almost, but not quite).

God, it’s like those people that complain about TV programmes and want them censored. CHANGE THE CHANNEL. It’s simple enough, hell these days you don’t even need to get off your arse to do that, what’s the big deal?

Or maybe I’m just an old romantic. How about we ban everything except St. Valentine’s day?

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Rather than post a whole host of differently timed links I’ll just pull them together here (courtesy of w.bloggar):
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Go get a new wallpaper courtesy of the Hubble space telescope.
A deep philosophical question: What’s Better? Answers can be found here.

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