Tag: <span>Brussel Sprouts</span>

The food from the Brassica oleracea Gemmifera group that is, not the capital city of Belgium.

I quite like Brussel Sprouts providing they aren’t boiled to death. However, over lunch today, it seems I am in the minority. At a table of 7, I was the only person who liked them. Some people dislike them so much they want to bash them but of course that might be genetic (it’s a PTC receptor thing apparently).

If you don’t like plain Brussel Sprouts, try this; Steam (or boil) the sprouts for 10 mins, then chop them up. Chop up and fry some nice bacon, add a dash of cream and throw in the Brussels. Delish. There are plenty of other recipes as well.

Anyway, I refuse to believe that the humble Brussel is so hated, so it’s over to you, dearest reader.