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I’ve used this phrase to describe movies before and once again it’s apt, quite simply Mr and Mrs Smith is exactly what you expect. Two of the beautiful people turn up, make a movie, flirt, smile and indulge in some Hollywood style action. This is not a clever movie, it’s not a violent movie, it’s not a comedy, a romance or an action movie. In fact it’s a bit like Romancing the Stone but not as good.

I’m guessing that the lead actors saw the script and saw a simple little movie that wouldn’t stretch their acting skills. Brad Pitt coasts through this barely breaking sweat at any point, relying on his character from Ocean’s Eleven to get by (with a hint of his guest spot on Friends), Angelina Jolie offers a little more depth. we’re taking millimetres here not miles, but at least manages to convince you that she’s acting her part rather than just turning up everyday.

Story wise… well there’s not much to say, if you’ve seen the trailer you know the story.

Is it a bad movie? Well no, it’s not, not at all. There are some nice set pieces, the script ambles along well with some good one-liners strewn about, and the movie doesn’t dwell on anything long enough for you to start to wonder about it. Instead, you sit back, look at the lovely people on the screen and enjoy a couple of hours worth of nonsense.

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Gardening yesterday, had more planned for today but Mother Nature decided the plants needed watering. Typical. So we’re off to the cinema later so I can drool over Angelina Jolie and Louise can drool over Brad Pitt… and Angeline Jolie. In her own words it’s “great being a woman”. Personally I don’t think it’s fair and she’s just being greedy, and anyway Brad isn’t my type.

Big Blogger continues a pace. Rumours of me running naked around the garden may have some substance.

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Ohh and I loved the story in this mornings Metro about Brad Pitt’s new wax model (for Tussauds) featuring a squishy bum. Seemingly prompted by the groping of Ms.Tiny Minogue’s famous posterior, the staff have come up with this idea for Brad’s bottom. Not sure if I would want my bum described as squishy… but I’ll leave that to you ladeez…


Questions for the day…

1. What celebrity do you most admire and why?
Difficult to pinpoint, but anyone who receives that amount of attention and remains down-to-earth and genuine, Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson, seem to fit this category.

2. What celebrity do you like best for their fashion?
Jennifer Lopez always looks good, Brad Pitt dresses well. Hell what do you want me to say – I’m a guy!

3. Who is your favorite celebrity couple or what two celebrities do you think should hook up?
If I paid enough attention I might be better placed for an answer – how are Tom Cruise and that Nicole woman doing these days, they seem quite well matched…

4. What celebrity reminds you of yourself? In what way?
Brad Pitt. Good looking, funny, popular… ohhh ok probably someone like John Goodman.

5. Did you watch the Grammys? What did you think?
The what? American are they? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not screened in the UK (I don’t think) but I’ll check the winners and get back to you.